Digital Learning and Curriculum Cohort

One of the most important topics of research at the moment, Digital Learning and Curriculum (DLC) is spurred by the recent realization that when it comes to technology disciplinary (or content)knowledge of effective teaching and learning is more a matter of understanding deep associations among familiar concepts than it is about taking more advanced courses in technology.

In a sense, this Master’s program is focused on developing better understandings of what teachers already know about pedagogy – seeking to enhance teachers’ knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) not by studying more about computer hardware or software individually, but by unpacking educational concepts collaboratively (e.g., identifying and elaborating metaphors, analogies, applications, exemplars, gestures, and other experiences that contribute to the ‘life’ of an idea). DLC M.Ed. is thus designed for those teachers who are seeking to enhance professional practice by developing their educational technology knowledge through collaborative study.

Why the Cohort Approach?

This program supports genuine participation in a vibrant area of face-to-face, hybrid (blended), and online distance education inquiry. Bringing together recent developments in education, digital media, culture, teaching and learning, and curriculum studies, the program’s cohort structure (in which participants attend core courses together in a central location) will enable a collective process of developing new insights into digital learning and curriculum development. This approach affords each participant the opportunity to focus on topics of personal interest in digital ICT literacies and using educational technologies while contributing to others’ understandings and insights.

Benefits of the Cohort Structure

Compact – Designed to enable you to complete your Master’s degree in two years.

Convenient – Fall, winter, and spring courses offered online and on Saturdays in the Vancouver area, and summer courses offered at the UBC Point Grey campus in an Institute format.

Collegial – Involving colleagues from local and surrounding districts around topics of shared interest and mutual benefit.

Cross-level – Appropriate to all grades, K through 12, and suited to both generalists and specialists.

Current – All courses will emphasize and examine emergent understandings of learning, teaching, and curriculum design.

Cutting-edge – Participants will be at the forefront of the burgeoning research into Digital Learning and Curriculum.

Coherent – Organized around a consistent theme and culminating in a ‘capping project’ in which participants bring together aspects of their experience.

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