Forum Description

Forum Description (EDCP 470)

We will use these forums to discuss ideas and issues associated with the topics covered in assignments, readings, inquiry and research. Please make sure you select the appropriate forum topic and discussion thread to post your information.

Some Useful Information

A Forum is a threaded discussion boards. This is similar to a message board system such as phpBB. Forums are very useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one another, and the discussions are archived for future reference.

Topics, or threaded discussions, are posted to a forum. Each topic is comprised of an initial post and replies, or comments. Forum topics can have their own URLs.

Multiple forums
Multiple forums are often set up for different areas of discussion. Forums can also be placed inside other forums for a discussion area that is a subset of the parent forum, in which case they are often called child boards or child forums.

Containers can also be created to hold a group of forums. However, unlike in parent forums, topics cannot be posted to containers. Both containers and forums can be placed inside other containers and forums. By planning the structure of your containers and forums well, you make it easier for users to find a discussion area of interest to them.

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