My Social Constellation

So, taking my social media map that I created in my class earlier, I have created a more formal visual representation of my social media use.

I basically Googled the icons for the social media that I use, and then tried to find ways to sort them into logical groups. After a bit of moving around, I decided to group them based on how intimately I used them. The innermost ring of social media contains ones that I use on a daily basis for personal ventings expression and communicating with family and friends. The middle ring contains social media that I use for work and school, and the outer ring consists of ones that I use for “extra stuff”, things that are not as important but I use them leisurely.

Since this is about me, I decided to put a caricature of myself in the centre of the rings. I’ve been using this app called Bitmoji that lets users create cartoon versions of themselves as emojis. Its integration with Chrome lets me extract a picture of myself easily by simply copying and pasting.

After arranging everything, it looked very science-y, so I decided to come up with a theme. The arrangement looked like a Bohr diagram, but I couldn’t think of a cool name that would go with it. However, it also looks like a solar system, with all the social media revolving around me, the user. That’s how the name Social Constellation was born. A space background and a title later, the poster was born:

Social Constellation

Oh, the awesome thing about this? It’s all done in MS-Word!

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