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The eportfolio website in WordPress is a space for you to keep an ongoing record of your research (inquiry) and learning from your cohort program. In each of your courses you will be asked to provide a research summary of a specific topic you investigate and to more generally deliberate on what it is you have learned of the period of the course. This information will then be used near the end of your course work in order to write a “critical” review of research for the program.
Research Summary – summary of inquiry about a course topic, concept, or issue (e.g., active learning or virtual education).
Learning Analysis – written narrative about what you valued from what you learned in the course.
Keep in mind that this is not a space for assessing your research and learning as much as it is a place for you to document your own learning processes.
Here is some information and examples of more formal approaches to eportfolios.
Portfolios incorporate assessment into the learning process as they record learning as well as provide opportunities for reflection and the social construction of knowledge. They record learning for multiple audiences
With feedback as an important component – portfolios provide connections among assessing, applying, and learning. Assessment becomes more transparent and contextualized Showcase/professional portfolios include:

competencies- the knowledge base, competencies and attributes

artifacts – proof of performance

connectivities – reflection, creativity, originality, transfer of learning
Portfolios are uniquely descriptive, and include self assessment as well as reflection; they include products as well as process.
e-Portfolio (some ideas)
Demonstrate both process and product (skills, knowledge and competency)
Formative portfolio – reflects an assessment mode, its purpose is to reflect, improve and redirect rather than evaluate
Summative portfolio – denotes particular strengths and weaknesses, it also denotes proficiency levels
Passport portfolio –demonstrate proficiency and growth, a chronological collection that shows skills, attitudes and perceptions and how those have changed over time
Working portfolio – various documents highlighting growth (best work performed to date)