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Digital Learning and Curriculum (DLC)
The cohort provides K-12 teachers with educational professional development in an area of tremendous need in the Province of British Columbia,1 bridging “digital,” “learning” and “curriculum” as both conceptual and practical challenges and research issues of pedagogical, technological, and content knowledge for teachers.t

The DLC cohort will focus on the pedagogical practices that provide obstacles and opportunities for teachers (cohort students) to develop better understandings of what they already know and seek to enhance their knowledge specifically about learning and curriculum as mediated through and with the use of digital technologies [i.e., information and communication technologies2(ICT). Cohort courses will engage teachers in digital learning and curriculum not by studying more about computer hardware or software, but by unpacking digital and educational concepts such as learning, teaching, assessment, ethics, curriculum, etc. in the contexts of virtual education settings (i.e, face-to-face, blended, and distance education).