Fresh Grade – digital learning portfolios

Chers parents,

Over the last few months, the students and I have been familiarizing ourselves with the digital learning portfolio platform called Fresh Grade. Each child has their own Student account which they can access using a computer or a mobile device. There is a separate Parent account for each of you to be able to log . . . → Read More: Fresh Grade – digital learning portfolios

Britannia Mines field excursion Wednesday December 6, 2017

Chers parents,

This is a friendly reminder that this Wednesday we are joining with Division 4 (Mme Caroline) to spend the day at Britannia Mining Museum.

We are still waiting for a number of permission forms and cheques/subsidy requests. Please note that your child will not be allowed to come if we have not received the completed and signed permission . . . → Read More: Britannia Mines field excursion Wednesday December 6, 2017

Growing Crystals!

This week students will have a science experiment to carry out at home. As this experiment includes working in the kitchen with the stove and boiling fluids, they will require adult supervision or assistance. Before beginning, I encourage students to take some time researching which variant they would like to try. I have created a . . . → Read More: Growing Crystals!

Frequently used sites

I’ve added links to the menu in the right-hand sidebar of this page. Students wishing to advance in can click on the link under “Liens indispensables” to go directly to our division’s login page.

For Storybird, their usernames are LastFirstname (except for Katie!) and whatever password they selected. Students who have forgotten their passwords will have . . . → Read More: Frequently used sites

Panda Yoga for November

Chers parents,

Starting Thursday, November 2nd, JQ students in several classes will participate in a series of yoga lessons with Panda Yoga, led by Ms Jie Man. The purpose is to help students develop awareness of how they feel in mind and body, and to practise strategies for self-regulation, mindfulness, and de-stressing.

. . . → Read More: Panda Yoga for November

2017 Writers’ Festival field trip

Chers tous,

A field trip permission form was sent home last week to go to the Writers’ Festival tomorrow, Tuesday October 17 to attend the talk “Newfoundland Yarns” with writer and comedian Andy Jones at 1:00 p.m. As we are currently learning ways to “Show, don’t tell!” in our narrative writing and poetry in Language Arts, this fits . . . → Read More: 2017 Writers’ Festival field trip

Growth Mindset interactive journal

We have begun delving a little deeper into what’s involved in developing a lasting growth mindset via the booklet “My growth mindset interactive journal” along with videos and discussions each day.

For lesson 2, we shared what we were not able to do 5 years ago, 1 year ago, and what we are currently learning . . . → Read More: Growth Mindset interactive journal

Video: “The Power of Belief”

Welcome & links for today


Welcome to a brand new year! This blog exists to give students access to supplementary or review material, as well as to inform parents of some of our goings-on, as time permits. To see what we write in the agenda each day, click on the Agenda tab in the top (grey) row above.

Students . . . → Read More: Welcome & links for today


Hi guys I will answer all the questions and put a bunch of photos.

We have stayed at 8 different campsites. We went zip lining at my aunts bosses farm ( my aunt is a vet tech). we took a slight detour to Boston and now we are in New Brunswick Ca c’est moi qui fait . . . → Read More: ?


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