Quick update

I haven’t had any time for months to do any significant sharing on this blog. However, you can still keep up with the daily activities of Division 5 by clicking on the “Agenda” tab, which displays the homework for the day via Twitter. If you want to see what else I post on Twitter, click . . . → Read More: Quick update

Goal Setting Workshops (Feb 8-9, 2017)

Chers tous,

Today we discussed overarching themes for our goals and created a schedule based on student interest and what they know of their parents’ schedules. We did our best to accommodate everyone! It’s a bit of a longer day for me now that I don’t have my trusty sidekick (teaching partner) to share the load . . . → Read More: Goal Setting Workshops (Feb 8-9, 2017)

Partner Breathing — 2 hands

puppy dog hands windshield wiper hands – 3 rounds L: inhale from bottom to top; hold breath R: exhale from top to bottom; inhale bottom to top L: exhale brush off shoulders and elbows – 3 times (puppy dog hands) brush down the back – 3 times butterfly hands on shoulder blades gradually remove . . . → Read More: Partner Breathing — 2 hands

Viv va passer un mois à l’envers!

As-tu deviné où il va? En Australie bien sûr!

Pendant son séjour il  viendra ici nous raconter ce qu’il fait. Si on est chanceux, peut-être qu’il pourra même inclure quelques photos!

Bon voyage Viv! On se revoit en 2017!

A Better Way to Say Sorry

Last week we read and discussed an article written by a teacher and parent about how to apologize effectively so that all parties feel better and get to experienc personal growth. Here’s the formula:

I’m sorry for… This is wrong because… In the future, I will… Will you forgive me?

The article can be found . . . → Read More: A Better Way to Say Sorry

“projet-pas-projet” sur les médias: grandes questions

Comment devenir/rester un citoyen informé? Comment pouvons nous devenir et demeurer des citoyens informés quand les médias traditionnels et les réseaux sociaux sont pleins de biais d’opinion, de biais culturels, de sensationnalisme et de propagande?

Comment les médias influencent la perception publique? Comment est-ce que les médias traditionnels et les réseaux sociaux influencent- ils la . . . → Read More: “projet-pas-projet” sur les médias: grandes questions

Critique and Feedback: Austin’s Butterfly

Last week we discussed common “don’ts” in a peer review / conference / critique. This week we viewed the video “Austin’s Butterfly” and learned all about how to critique constructively. It’s also a great example of how to keep a growth mindset. Enjoy!

Writing Peer Review

Top 10 mistakes made when engaging in a writing peer review:

The “don’t’s”* are obvious; what are the DO’s?


*seriously, how do I write it? don’ts? don’t’s? do nots? donuts?

“The Power of Belief” TEDx talk on Growth Mindset

We started the year in September on the right tack exploring what it means to develop a growth mindset. However, with the busy pace of the last few weeks, we haven’t revisited the topic nor had a chance to build on it.

The TEDx Talk by Eduardo Briceño, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works, is . . . → Read More: “The Power of Belief” TEDx talk on Growth Mindset

Brendan’s trip to Churchill, Manitoba

Next week Brendan and his family will be on an epic once-in-a-lifetime adventure: they will be going to Churchill, Manitoba, to do some polar bear watching! (I am *quite* jealous!)

After traveling to Winnipeg, the family will be flown to Churchill to spend 4 days experiencing the remote northern town and watching polar bears. They’ll go on . . . → Read More: Brendan’s trip to Churchill, Manitoba


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