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Update ~ Monday January 5th 2015!

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! I hope you had a blissfully relaxing holidays and that you are all very healthy and ready to jump into all the aventures and joys the New Year will bring. It was a delight seeing everyone today. Learning occured in Mme Geneviève’s classroom in the morning and in our own classroom in the afternoon. Today we began our Project Chef adventure and it was truly wonderful. We have four amazing chefs. One of them, chef Brandon, gave us a live cooking demonstration. I am adding some pictures and will let your child tell you all about it. Warm thank you’s to Kristie, Krista, and to Abi’s nan for coming in to help us today. I am very proud of all my students for their exceptionnel work and behavior. Tomorrow, we are cooking in the morning!

Thank you to all the students who brought back their Club de lecture with December minutes counted. December was a great month for French reading so let’s keep it up in January. Thank you for signing the back of the report card envelope and sending it back to school with your child.

Coming soon:
-Three more blog entries to go! We are on day 98 of our Happiness project. Students who have fallen behind are of course invited to fill in the blanks of their happiness.
-Celebration on decimal numbers (students’ understanding of decimal numbers is astonishing so far!)
-Friday January 16th, deadline to hand in English project Reread.
-In two weeks: an English Literature Circles!

Update ~ Saturday December 20th

Happy Holidays everyone! Many thanks for the beautiful tree, warm wishes and generous gifts you showered me with. I am grateful for your kindness and generosity.

We had a tremendous last day of school for the year 2014! Have a look at the pictures and let your child narrate.

Please note: Students have 5 days (minimum) of reading to complete in French over the holidays (The space is called BLANC in the Club de Lecture). Also, English fiction reading and completion of the Reread proeject is due in the 2nd week of January.

Above all, take the time to enjoy your family, friends, and rest well. See you all in 2015!

Update ~ Tuesday December 16th

Good news, kids won themselves a party. The tribe voted for a movie and snacks. They will all discuss with you what could be their contribution. Please note that we have a list on the board with treats (healthy ones and other ones) on one side and fruits and vegetables on the others. We are aiming for a balance. Please note that I have reusable plates, cups, and cuttlery for all.

In order to get ready for our week of Project Chef, we had a look at some amazing stop/claymotion animation by PES. I promise the kids I would share the links with you all:
Fresh Guacamole:
Submarine Sandwich:
Western Spaghetti:
Today, we also played around those two sites:

Brain pop is has also a rich source of information and can be viewed in French and in English.

Many thanks to the many parents who will be supporting our participation to Project Chef. What an exciting start to the New Year!

Update ~ Sunday December 14th

I took a little time off from the teaching blog due to a communication situation that needed to be resolved.

The last two weeks so far:

Have a look at our latest pictures:
Mme Elisabeth’s students came in to admire our soapstone carvings.
We had a wonderful time making snowflakes and reading in PJ’s with our little buddies. In class, we are creating wintery mosaics. Some are already hanging in the windows – look up next time you are standing in the playground.
We had the pleasure of visiting Mme Caroline’s Hatchett/Survival projects. They were all very inspiring. We also welcomed Mme Mary-Lee’s students in our classroom and presented our Project 3D (Habitats) to them. They had interesting questions.
Study of decimal numbers is well on its way. The time we spent reviewing fractions is paying off. We will be covering hundredths this week.
A complete revision of French verbs avoir, être, aller, venir, and every verb in the present tense was done.
Holiday card writing in French to our little buddy (thank you Charlotte who wrote extra cards for students who are away). Holiday card writing in English for our penpals.
Progress was done on our secret Music-dance-theater project in music class. We are all excited to see our friends perform during the strings concert.

This week:
-Preparation for Project Chef
-Work on Hannukah adjectives, adverbs, and nouns
-Decimals (tenths and hundredths)
-Deepening our understanding of Inuit First Nations’ People
-Tuesday, December 16: 11:00am dress rehearsal of winter concert (we will attend to support our friend Ella who is playing the piano for Mme Mary-Lee’s students).
-Wednesday December 17: Choir concert at Byng
-Thursday, December 18: Christmas Market 2:15pm to 2:30pm. Strings concert 2:30pm-3:00pm.
-Friday, December 19 Secret Santa gift exchange
-Possibly a party on December 19 – Students have set their goal to work in a quieter manner. They are almost at the objective, which would grant them a party on Friday. Confirmation of the party should be announced tomorrow or by Tuesday.

Dates to come (consult our calendar for more dates):
-During the Winter break, students are expected to read a minium of 5 days. In the Club de lecture, those spaces are called BLANC. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading progress.
-English Project Reread due by Friday, January 16. (For that project, everyone will read a new English book and create a brochure which has already been given and explained to students).
-FIRST week back is Project Chef. Our classroom will be hosting the project. Division 8 will be cooking: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon (12:45 pm to 3:00 pm) and Tuesday and Thursday morning (9:00 to 11:45 am). Mme Anderson has been informed that students will miss the 1.5 hr leçon that week.

Update ~ Wednesday December 3rd

This week so far:
Yesterday, we held our last French Literature Circle of 2014. Good news, 95% of students handed in their completed document. I am still waiting on a few. Thank you for your support at home; if you see that precious document around, do send it to school with your child.

In preparation for our sculptor’s visit, we read Inuk est amoureux and used the reading strategy « visualization » . Students work can be appreciated in the hallway. On Tuesday, Oliver Harwood taught us how to carve sandstone. It was a rich learning experience. Today, every child shared about the creative process with Grade 3 students. I am sure you are already enjoying a new art piece in your home.

Students began recording their knowledge of habitats and adaptations. They did an impressive job in the computer lab and I commended them for their patience while I went from one computer to the next saving this precious data. They will continue to record themselves throughout the week as well as work on their 3D project. Due date for the project is next Tuesday.

Have a look at the week in pictures so far:

With Mme Kate’s help, everyone selected a new English fiction book to read for the project Sylvie named « Reread ». For that project, everyone will read a new English book and create a brochure (students have already received the template to use). All projects are due by Friday, January 16th.

Blog posts keep coming in. We are currently on day 66. Ask your child where he or she is in regards to celebrating daily happiness.

Today we had the pleasure of attending Division 9’s plays. They were fabulous and we thank them for welcoming us in their classroom. We began reading aloud our new French plays. Make sure your child brings his or her script to and from home, as many scripts were missing today.

Dates to come (consult our calendar for more dates):
-Friday, December 5th hand-in autobiographical English poem
-Preparation for Project Chef (which will take place during the very first week of school in January)
-Tuesday, December 9th hand-in 3D project
-Tuesday, December 9th retake for célébration on fractions
-Friday, December 12th hand-in French persuasive text
-Friday, December 19h Secret Santa gift exchange
-During the Winter break, students are expected to read a minium of 5 days. In the Club de lecture, those spaces are called BLANC. Thank you for supporting your child’s reading progress.

December is a busy month. Please note that I will not meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress prior to report cards being issued. Work is being sent home frequently with comments. I have met and discussed individual progress when needed with familles. Thank you for using your child’s agenda to indicate your desire to meet with me. Pencil in a few possible times as well as the item you would like to discuss. I will do everything I can to accommodate you in a timely manner. Merci.

Update ~Sunday November 30th

Happy last day of November! Last week, students had a great time playing pizza sumo tag and worked tirelessly on their 3D habitat. Have a look :
Students have drawn a name for a Secret Santa on Friday. We are putting an emphasis on a home-made or upcycled gifts to spread happiness in a sustainable and meaningful way.

This week:
-On Tuesday, it will be our last Literature Circles of the year. The completed document is to be handed-in.
-Many students will do a retake of the fractions celebration. Thank you for reviewing what a fraction of a group is with your child, as this was the most challenging section of last’s week assessments. (Ex. What is 2/3 of 12 = 8).
-We will welcome the sculptor Oliver Harwood on Tuesday. Everyone will create a soap stone sculpture. Teaching about First Nations People from Inuit Nations will continue this week.
-Students’ science 3D projects will be finalized.
-Students will attempt to create an audio recording about their habitat.
-The focus on verbs in French (present tense) and homophones in English is on-going.
-English autobiographical Poem is due this Friday.

Please note, the last three weeks of school will be filled with excitement and, more importantly, learning. I cannot stress enough the importance of healthy eating, exercising and rest. As mentioned before, teaching will take place all the way until the 19th. Thank you for respecting your child’s learning and my teaching.

Update ~Sunday November 23rd

I hope you have all enjoyed this wonderful weekend.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the two plays on Friday. It was a full house! Students were marvelous and entertaining. If you were unable tonday November 23rd</

I hope you have all enjoyed this wonderful weekend.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the two plays on Friday. It was a full house! Students were marvelous and entertaining. If you were unable to make it, I will share the videos via your child’s USB key upon request.

Thank you for following the blog. This is my main way to communicate all the amazing work your children are doing. It is also how you can better prepare them for becoming more successful learners.

Good to know:
1) This week there is no English writing (a week off). On Thursday, November 27th, students will receive their writing theme (due December 5th).
2) In math, student learning is inspired by Chapter 8. Three short célébrations of knowledge on fractions will take place this week: on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Transformation from fractions to decimals, additions and subtractions to follow.
3) French conjugation of verbs ending in –er, writing adequate sentences and texts, proofreading skills, and completing and participation in Literature Circles are on this week. Lit. Circles 4 are taking place on Tuesday. Please note: your child is expected to have completed 5 different Lit. Circle tasks by Tuesday, December 2nd. Do encourage your child to look for a misplaced document and to redo work that is not found. Handing in quality complete work done on time is what is expected in Grade 4.
4) English work on homophones, writing adequate sentences and texts, as well as proofreading skills are on the menu.
5) Students are working on a 3D project in science to showcase their knowledge of habitats and communities. There will be a museum in room 302 later on in December. Stay tuned.
6) New plays, en français cette fois, will begin this week.
7) Students in music with me: Remember to bring in a song to share with the class on Thursday (because you like it, it motivates you, it calms you, it is interesting or you would like everyone to know about it…) I am looking forward to YOUR découvertes musicales.
8) Scholastic orders are due by November 26th.
9) Our Happiness Blog is doing really well. We have passed the halfway point and students are getting better at writing and responding.

In December:
1) With the second week of December begins our second school semester. In Grade 4, with Mme Eve, every day counts as a learning day. Every minute contains quality learning, which cannot be replaced by an exercise sheet. Please do try to keep your children in the classroom as much as possible. As stated in the beginning of the year documentation, it is not the teacher’s responsibility to fill in the blanks when children are away or on holidays.
2) Students will begin a show and tell about their family. They discussed the idea of sharing about their amazing families to the group. You may be invited to be our ‘live’ show and tell model.
3) An English book pamphlet project will be introduced. The project will be due by the second week of January.
4) In math, students will learn more about money and using decimal numbers in context.
5) Preparation for Project Chef.

In January:
1) In our first week we are welcoming Project Chef to our school. This was announced the day I received our schedule. This is a very exciting and unique program and we are grateful and fortunate to be taking part in it.

Thank you. Enjoy this 4-day week.

Update ~Thursday November 20th

We are ready to welcome you to room 302 tomorrow for our) 2:30pm show, presenting of our two English plays: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Tell-Tale Heart. In the meantime, you can follow this link ( look at the pictures taken during our rehearsals. The pictures also include math work, example of assessment for learning, as well as artwork produced with eyes closed. Ask your child for further details.

1) Every letter is ready to be sent to our penpals, well done everyone!
2) Fractions require lots of strategies and time. Students worked hard all week to gain a deeper understanding of fractions of a whole (2/3 of 9 = 6). Thank you for supporting their learning by practicing and reviewing at home.
3) Students are currently reviewing conjugaison of verbs ending in -er (verbs of the first group).
4) Everyone completed a typed short text on a Canadian animal. Our second technology project is done. Soone to come…. audio recording.
5) A science/art project began this week :3D creation of a habitat, its inhabitants, and their adaptations to their environment. Do not be surprise to see work in progress in our classroom tomorrow. You will be invited to visit our 3D-Habitat Museum by early December.
6) Oh, there is also some kind of a secret music project coming along…

Update ~ November 18th

A very interesting article about fostering kidnesss and empathy :

Update ~ November 16th

This weekend, our teaching blog was not allowing me to post. Apologies for this late update.

Last week was a short yet productive week. Students began writing their first letters to their Queen Alexandra penpals. On Friday, there was a dress rehearsal of our two plays in front of Division 9 students. They offered constructive feedback. We will continue to practice this week and will present the plays to you this coming Friday in our classroom at 2:30 pm. Please jot a note down in your child’s agenda if you are able to make it.

Fractions are on the menu and we are covering this topic in both French and English. An assessment of students’ ability (célébration) will take place either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Please consult our calendar on this blog for the exact date.

Students participated in their second Literacy Circles last week. They continue to be focussed readers and present their tasks conscientiously. This week, we are back on our regular schedule with the third Circle on Tuesday. Ask your child what he/she is currently reading and what ‘role’ he/she plays this week.

In science students continue to develop their understanding of stimuli and responses. We also discussed the food web and animal adaptations. Students are engaged, note taking, sharing knowledge with one another — it is very rich learning.

Another French reading comprehension task was completed this week by most students. When everyone is done, expect the work document to come home. In English, students are enjoying learning about synonyms.

Lastly, I am really appreciating reading students’ weekly writing. I am noticing that some rush through the tasks – which does not equal to fully meeting grade 4 expectations – while others are soaring because they are working dilligently. I comment on the kids’ writing, you are welcome to review this with your child.

Looking forward to a beautiful 5-day week. (I hope to see some of you on Friday).


Last week was a short yet productive week. Students began writing their first letters to their Queen Alexandra penpals. On Friday, there was a dress rehearsal of our two plays in front of Division 9 students. They offered constructive feedback. We will continue to practice this week and will present the plays to you this coming Friday in our classroom at 2:30 pm. Please jot a note down in your child’s agenda if you are able to make it.

Fractions are on the menu and we are covering this topic in both French and English. An assessment of students’ ability (célébration) will take place either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Please consult our calendar on this blog for the exact date.

Students participated in their second Literacy Circles last week. They continue to be focussed readers and present their tasks conscientiously. This week, we are back on our regular schedule with the third Circle on Tuesday. Ask your child what he/she is currently reading and what ‘role’ he/she plays this week.

In science students continue to develop their understanding of stimuli and responses. We also discussed the food web and animal adaptations. Students are engaged, note taking, sharing knowledge with one another — it is very rich learning.

Another French reading comprehension task was completed this week by most students. When everyone is done, expect the work document to come home. In English, students are enjoying learning about synonyms.

Lastly, I am really appreciating reading students’ weekly writing. I am noticing that some rush through the tasks – which does not equal to fully meeting grade 4 expectations – while others are soaring because they are working dilligently. I comment on the kids’ writing, you are welcome to review this with your child.

Looking forward to a beautiful 5-day week. (I hope to see some of you on Friday).

ration) will take place either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Please consult our calendar on this blog for the exact date.

Students participated in their second Literacy Circles last week. They continue to be focussed readers and present their tasks conscientiously. This week, we are back on our regular schedule with the third Circle on Tuesday. Ask your child what he/she is currently reading and what ‘role’ he/she plays this week.

In science students continue to develop their understanding of stimuli and responses. We also discussed the food web and animal adaptations. Students are engaged, note taking, sharing knowledge with one another — it is very rich learning.

Another French reading comprehension task was completed this week by most students. When everyone is done, expect the work document to come home. In English, students are enjoying learning about synonyms.

Lastly, I am really appreciating reading students’ weekly writing. I am noticing that some rush through the tasks – which does not equal to fully meeting grade 4 expectations – while others are soaring because they are working dilligently. I comment on the kids’ writing, you are welcome to review this with your child.

Looking forward to a beautiful 5-day week. (I hope to see some of you on Friday).


Last week was a short yet productive week. Students began writing their first letters to their Queen Alexandra penpals. On Friday, there was a dress rehearsal of our two plays in front of Division 9 students. They offered constructive feedback. We will continue to practice this week and will present the plays to you this coming Friday in our classroom at 2:30 pm. Please jot a note down in your child’s agenda if you are able to make it.

Fractions are on the menu and we are covering this topic in both French and English. An assessment of students’ ability (célébration) will take place either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Please consult our calendar on this blog for the exact date.

Students participated in their second Literacy Circles last week. They continue to be focussed readers and present their tasks conscientiously. This week, we are back on our regular schedule with the third Circle on Tuesday. Ask your child what he/she is currently reading and what ‘role’ he/she plays this week.

In science students continue to develop their understanding of stimuli and responses. We also discussed the food web and animal adaptations. Students are engaged, note taking, sharing knowledge with one another — it is very rich learning.

Another French reading comprehension task was completed this week by most students. When everyone is done, expect the work document to come home. In English, students are enjoying learning about synonyms.

Lastly, I am really appreciating reading students’ weekly writing. I am noticing that some rush through the tasks – which does not equal to fully meeting grade 4 expectations – while others are soaring because they are working dilligently. I comment on the kids’ writing, you are welcome to review this with your child.

Looking forward to a beautiful 5-day week. (I hope to see some of you on Friday).

Update ~Tuesday November 11th

During our 4 days out of school, I have really enjoyed reading the children’s blog posts. I am impressed with their interest and dedication. Go and have a look with your child (invite him/her to write if he/she hasn’t done it for a while. We are currently on post number 43!).

Quick tidbits:

Update ~Tuesday November 11th</

During our 4 days out of school, I have really enjoyed reading the children’s blog posts. I am impressed with their interest and dedication. Go and have a look with your child (invite him/her to write if he/she hasn’t done it for a while. We are currently on post number 43!).

Quick tidbits:

  1. Tomorrow will be our Literacy Circle number 2. Others will resume on Tuesdays.
  2. This week, students will present their English plays to Mme Angèl’s students in order to receive constructive feedback. Stay tuned, you will be invited next week to come and see the plays.
  3. Thursday there will be a célébration retake to assess student’s abilities to add, subtract, and compare thousands (P.S. A célébration is a time where we ‘test’ students abilities. I prefer using the term célébration since we truly are celebrating what is mastered, known, or needs to be developed).
  4. Visit the various pages</s

    Update ~Tuesday November 11th

    During our 4 days out of school, I have really enjoyed reading the children’s blog posts. I am impressed with their interest and dedication. Go and have a look with your child (invite him/her to write if he/she hasn’t done it for a while. We are currently on post number 43!).

    Quick tidbits:

    1. Tomorrow will be our Literacy Circle number 2. Others will resume on Tuesdays.
    2. This week, students will present their English plays to Mme Angèl’s students in order to receive constructive feedback. Stay tuned, you will be invited next week to come and see the plays.
    3. Thursday there will be a célébration retake to assess student’s abilities to add, subtract, and compare thousands (P.S. A célébration is a time where we ‘test’ students abilities. I prefer using the term célébration since we truly are celebrating what is mastered, known, or needs to be developed).
    4. Visit the various pages under the Curriculum tab of this blog. I will make sure to update them regularly to offer you the details of our program.
    5. Our class will be in charge of collecting Turkey dollars for the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House holds incredible programs for youth and their families. We will be raising Turkey dollars to offer them a Christmas supper. Division 8 students will provide an envelope to each division and make sure to collect and count all their turkey dollars. I am proud to say it will be my fifth year leading this project with my students. Thank you for all your (and your friends’) donations.

    Update ~Tuesday November 4th 

    Have a look! In Division 8, we love reading. In the short month of September, students read 5,466 minutes in French (Club de lecture). In October, the sum of minutes read by 25 students is 16,905 minutes. Way to go Division 8 :).


    • Mr. Rupert sent us a movie of our penpals from Queen Alexandra’s school. Everyone is looking forward to getting to know these new grade 4-5 friends who are also called Division 8.
    • Students wrote their text about a chosen Canadian animal. The research and typing took place during technology time. This project is expected to be completed by the end of the week.
    • Students had their first Literature Circle Meeting today and it was simply fabulous. Mme Kate and I were thrilled to see everyone come prepared and be engaged in their book discussions. This is a success! Each group has now decided on the next pages to read and the tasks to fulfill. For more information and work documents, visit the Language Arts page under Curriculum.
    • First math célébration of the year. Most students felt very confident. Everyone was extremely focused.

    Saturday November 1st ~Time change this weekend

    Make sure to adjust your clocks tonight! At 2 AM on Sunday morning, our clocks should fall back to indicate 1 AM. Good news, we all get to sleep an extra hour this weekend. Consult this website for more information about it.

    Update ~Friday October 31th ~ Joyeuse Halloween

    Thank you for the colors and the laughters. Have a look at Division 8’s costumes and some other classes visited during our parade with our kindergarten buddies.

    Coming up next week:

    • presenting our plays to other friends
    • célébration (evaluation) on thousands: comparing, estimating, adding, subtracting (Tuesday)
    • showing an  understanding of nouns, adjectives, and verbs
    • writing about living things’ habitats and needs
    • First French Lit Circles (Tuesday) – every student must read assigned pages and complete a specific task

    Update ~Thursday October 30th

    Wonderful day!

    1. Strings / California Kickball with Mme Angèl’s students
    2. Music fun: repetiting, creating, presenting, dancing
    3. First Lit Circles meeting (your child has a section of a book to read and a task to fulfill by Tuesday)
    4. Math- additions and subtractions of thousands (célébration-test on Tuesday)
    5. Halloween fun: Who Wore What? and Howl-o-een puns.

    Have a look at today’s pictures!

    Tomorrow: students are invited to dress up. We will parade around the school with our Kindergarten buddies. Otherwise, it is a Friday and as usual, learning will occur. Students begin their day in the gym.

    Update ~Wednesday October 29th

    Excellent Terry Fox run today. I am looking forward to discovering how many laps and kilometers were ran by JQ students and staff. We will count our laps together tomorrow.

    Today, Mme Kate and I presented the Literacy Circles books students will receive tomorrow. Have a look Cercle_Lit présentation 6 romans. If you are interested in reading with us, our French Lit Circles meeting will take place every Tuesday, starting next week, between 9.30 and 10.30. Write me a note if you are interested.

    URGENT-Deep Cove field study canceled

    Dear Families,  

    With the combination of really poor weather and lack of car spaces, we have decided that it will be in everybody’s best interest to cancel the Deep Cove trip.
    I am sure we are all disappointed but there will be more adventures to come. Many thanks to the parents who had decided to come with us.
    Most sincerely,
    Mme Eve and Mme Angèl

    What is Going on Inside the Brain of a Curious Child? Read this interesting article to find out!

    Also, find the link to the Sleepy Hollow movie watched (partially) in class on Thursday. Remind your child to practice his or her role for our plays!

    Urgent- Need of parent drivers for tomorrow

    Dear Families,

    We urgently need drivers (at least 2) for 8 students for our field study to Deep Cove. Circumstances are preventing two parents to come along tomorrow. I understand this is short notice, if you or a family member is available to help us out, please send a quick email to Brenda Campbell (Norah’s mom). Unfortunately, if we do not have enough drivers, our outing will be canceled.

    Many thanks

    Mme Eve

    Preparations for Deep Cove ~Friday October 24th

    Dear Families,

    Read the attached Deep Cove-rules to have a good overview of our Tuesday’s Field study in Deep Cove (walking on the famous Baden Powell Trail from Panorama Drive all the way to Quarry Rock). Thank you for sending your child to school with a booster seat if she/he needs one.

    Thank you,

    Mme Eve

    Update ~Tuesday October 22nd

    I am finalizing the parent hiker-drivers for our Deep Cove hike (next Tuesday). Thank you to the parents of the following children for coming along with us Roan’s, Ella’s and Zoe’s. We hope that Valentin’s, Ben’s, Atticus’ and Charlotte’s parents will also be able to help us making this adventure possible.

    They are in; the pictures from today’s science observation walk in the bog.

    Update ~Friday October 17th

    It was a pleasure meeting families this week. Thank you for your time and presence.

    This week:

    • We did our first reading comprehension in French and highlighted the importance of reading for meaning.
    • We completed our ‘Happy’ text on the computer.
    • We rounded, compared, and added 4-digit numbers.
    • We identified key elements of the English language and played a high frequency word spelling game.
    • We continued our Mindfulness practice and enjoyed breathing and finding space when everything seems too busy.
    • Every student in Division 8 successfully played sumo tag with students from Division 9.
    • We began reading ‘Les yeux noirs’ de Giles Tibo, building up to our unit on the 5 senses and differences between people’s.
    • We worked and had fun with our little buddies.
    • We listened to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and made connections between the story and our habitats unit in science. 
    • We went on a walkabout around our school to identify living things and their habitats (many thanks to Isabeau for helping us).

    Please note: students have a writing break this week. Therefore, there will be NO English writing to begin over the weekend. It will be back on by next Thursday.

    Have a restful weekend everyone. (pictures)

    Update ~Monday October 13th

    Dear parents/guardians,

    Our first science unit focusses on Habitats and Communities. This week, you will receive an official field study letter inviting your child to a hike-observation-sketch-picnic in Deep Cove. This field study will take place Tuesday, October 28th, from 8:45am to about 3:00pm. If you are available and interested in being one of the parent driver-hikers, pencil this date into your calendar and respond to the letter adding the number of students you can accomodate in your vehicle.

    I am looking forward to going on this first adventure with you and your child.

    Many thanks,

    Mme Eve

    Update ~Saturday October 11th

    A lot to be grateful for:

    • Mme Sharon Hoy, our caring school counsellor, for coming, introducing herself and reading us the story You Be You. She will be at our school on Thursdays and Fridays this year.

    • An exciting date to add to our calendars: Thanks to Mme Genevieve, her division and ours will participate in the incredible Project Chef program during the whole week of January 4th to the 9th. We are fortunate to be amongst the 16 other schools in our school board to welcome this opportunity.
    • Students solving the animal classification puzzle in teams of 5.
    • Our communal blog pumping with happiness.
    • Having such a wonderful time with our little buddies on Friday.
    • We may have penpals… On Friday I scribed a letter dictated by the students to a teacher friend of mine, Mr. Rupert, inviting his students and him to become our penpals this year. Fingers crossed they will accept.
    • Amazing work done by students this week. I am so grateful and impressed with the interest students have about learning, their eagerness when they are at work, and the care they show for one another.

    Happy long weekend everyone! Note that students will continue writing on our communal blog daily, may work on their French creative writing about a disastrous hosting of a Thanksgiving dinner, and complete work that was not completed during the week.

    Update ~Thursday October 9th

    This week, students learned about assessment for learning. They practiced evaluating and created artwork and French paragraphs illustrating the scale from Not yet meeting expectations all the way to Exceeding expectations. Next week, during our 3-Way Conferences, your child will explain assessment to you. In the meantime, have a look at the pictures of the discussions and debates who took place when students were assessing cover pages lent to us by Mme Geneviève.

    Today, students created the ‘equation’ of themselves, inspired by the book “This plus That Little Life’s Equations”  . You will have the pleasure of reading their equations next week.

    Annoucement ~Thursday October 9th

    Dear Parents,

    A few of you have chosen two time slots for the 3-Way Conferences. Could you promptly choose your prefered one? This will allow every family to choose a time. Thank you for respecting the 15 min per family I can offer.

    This is the link to sign yourself and your child up.

    Mme Eve

    Annoucement ~Tuesday October 7th

    This is the link to sign yourself and your child up for our 3-Way Conferences taking place next week, on October 15th and October 16th. I am looking forward to seeing you then.

    Update ~Saturday October 4th

    Our first full week of school of the year 2014-2015 is complete! A lot was accomplished and the link to our flickr album will give you a brief visual idea of what we were up to. There was a lot of action so yes, some pictures are blurry :). (Photos). Ask your child what is taking place on each picture.

    The week in bullets:

    • Math: learning objectives were to understand how to form and decompose thousands, estimate and add thousands.
    • French: revision of K-3 common words, revision of verbs être et avoir in the present tense, revision of writing a complete sentence including punctuation.
    • English: read aloud and discussion: Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library
    • A.P. (activité physique) teamed up with Division 9 students students to measure how many 10 meter lengths they were able to run in 30 seconds. They also learned muscular strenghtening exercises.
    • Arts: for some an introduction to the Strings Program, for others Découvertes musicales. Elisa Gutierrez’s Picturescape inspired students’ landscape collages

    • Buddies:  met their kindergarten buddies and facilitated their transition to recess.
    • Science: exploration of students ability to observe and describe using their five senses.
    • Pictures: glorious smiles
    • Blog: Amazing success! We are now on day 6 of our 100 day Challenge. Make sure your child visits his/her blog daily and shares a daily moment of Happiness/Bonheur.
    • Homework: 1) Club de lecture is our daily French reading program. Thank you for reminding your child to read at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 28 min.  2) English Writing: on Friday, students received a gratefulness assignment. Their English writing journal is blue. Writing is due by Friday, October 10th.
    • Mindfulness: deep breaths are helping students to stay focused and make good decisions. Mindful yoga included Warrior, Cat, Cow, and mini-Cobra poses.
    • Conversation about gender stereotypes, exclusion, generalisation was needed after gym on Friday. It was a very teachable moment. Ask your child about it.

    Mini-Update ~Wednesday October 1st

    1. Norah’s mom Brenda has volunteered to be one of our two parent-reps this year.  Please note, sharing the position would be appreciated as she is also the rep for her son’s class. If you are interested in sharing this post with her, please let me know. Many thanks.
    2. Have a look at our calendar for a few new exciting dates!
    3. Thank you for sending in the $35 (for school and agenda fees). Thank you for filling in the personal information documents sent to you yesterday and for sending them back to school at your earliest convenience. Thank you for helping your child complete his/her Club de Lecture (CdL).
    4. We had a beautiful day today, ask your child what we were up to. Pictures and details will be shared with you on Friday. Enjoy October.

    Important dates:

    October 3rd: picture day, hand in French writing.
    Daily: a quick blog entry in French or English about one happy moment. Today, students learned about editing posts and how to present them visually.

    Update ~Tuesday September 30th

    Our Schedule is not finalized. Starting next week:

    •  E.P. (gym) is on Mondays at 9.30 am
    • Technology (with Mme Eve) Tuesdays. Ending our day directly from the computer lab on the 2nd floor.
    • Library (book talk and book exchange) Wednesdays.
    • Strings Program (first thing in the morning on Thursdays, students will go directly to the Music room on ground floor with all their belongings).
    • A.P. (physical activity) Thursday mornings, students following the music program with me will meet by Byng Pool at the bell when weather permits. A sign will be hung at our classroom door confirming where we are. *We begin on Thursday October 2nd*
    • E.P. (gym)  is on Fridays (students to meet M. Thomas directly at the gym will all their belongings. They will come to class after gym). 

    Every student started writing his/her own blog on our communal blog page. The dual goal is to foster happiness and to provide students with a short daily writing task. Students will be writing in French and English, alternating days as they wish. Thank you for asking your child if he/she would like to share what was their daily entry post.

    Update ~Sunday  September 24th 

    I hope you have enjoyed the splendid fall weather.

    Last week was wonderful for Division 8’s minds, hearts, and bodies. We practiced mindfulness both sitting and standing, learned the mountain and eagle poses, and skipped rope in the sunshine. Students reviewed their times tables by playing a skipping counting game called Fizz Buzz (ask your child about it), and received a math duo-tang called Adagio in order to review basic mathematical skills. I also began reading the book Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library in class. Only one chapter was read and already the students are hooked! They all completed a buddy banner about a new friend and have artfully decorated their name label. They have begun writing in French and English, using the topic of their summer and their last school year. Lastly, we discussed our school acronym SUPER and Kohlberg’s Six Levels of Moral Development. This week, we are ready to write our own set of class rules.  Well done to every student on a solid beginning to Grade 4. :)

    On Friday, students went home with two green documents for their parent/guardian. I am attaching them here for you to consult:

    This week’s writing task is in French. Every student has received a red writing book and glued in the writing theme of the week. Students must write sentences and perhaps a short paragraph introducing their daily life, their family, and their after school activities. The writing is due by Friday, October 3rd.

    If your child is interested in Cross-Country running, note that the first practice is tomorrow, September 29th. The team will meet at 8:00 AM on the stairs of the main entrance to JQ and then walk over to Camosun Park together.

    Picture Day is this Friday, October 3rd.

    Tomorrow is also the first E.P. (or Physical Education) class of the year. Students should wear appropriate clothes and running shoes.

    Thank you for signing the agenda daily and the Club de lecture on the days when your child reads in French at home.


    Update ~Wednesday September 24th – Enfin, les nouvelles classes!

    Welcome to the twenty-seven 2014-2015-Division 8 students and their families. It is my pleasure to have welcomed every student in our class, room 302, this morning. I am really looking forward to this exciting new year.

    Today, we introduced ourselves and shared some of our preconceptions linked to Grade 4. We also played two different games to learn one another’s name, and enjoyed a special bingo to get to know more about one another.

    Your child has received his Club de lecture document for the year (yellow duotang). I invite you to visit the section – Curriculum – Arts langagiers – of this blog in order to know more about Club de lecture. It is for French reading only and know that your child borrowed at least one book from our class library.

    Everyone has also received a supplies’ list. Do not rush in obtaining the items. I chosed to send the list home as early as possible allowing you to have more time finding everything. All items can be pre-loved! If you find yourself unable to provide an item in particular, do not hesitate in contacting me. supplies_parents_2014

    Our Teacher-Librarian Mme Kate has provided each student with a math textbook. I recommend covering the textbook with non-adhesif material in order to protect this precious resource. Feel free to be creative and reuse fabric, kraft paper, wrapping paper, old maps, etc. to make your child’s textbook unique. Thank you for returning the textbook to school by next week.

    À demain :)

    Update ~Tuesday September 23rd

    The Division 8 2013-2014 spent their one-hour Monday catching up, eating bannock, and discussing summer. Tuesday was spent together. Students wrote in French and English, reviewed the 12 times tables, reread and discussed Tolstoy’s ‘The Three Questions’, attended an assembly, and performed in improvisation.

    September 21st was the International Day of Peace, and to open the discussion on that past day, we listened to ‘Défendeurs de la Paix‘ de Sinsemilia. Find the lyrics and music below for your own enjoyment. Défenseurs de la paix-Sinsemilia 06 Défenseurs De La Paix _

    Tomorrow, Division 8 2013-2014 students will meet yet again in room 302 and if all goes according to plan, will be asigned to their Grade 5 teacher. Please make sure your child comes to school with his/her supplies. Merci!

    Update ~Saturday September 20th

    Êtes-vous prêts pour la rentrée de lundi mes amis? On Monday, we will see one another again for an hour. It is the official beginning of the school year. I know you cannot wait to see who your grade 5 teacher is going to be and where your 2014-2015 classroom will be.  Nevertheless, you will need to be flexible, open-minded, and understanding. Who knows, maybe we will simply spend a little more time together (as the Division 8 2013-2014), and that will also be okay. Make sure you bring along basic school supplies, because we will begin working right away – you are not surprised, I know… you know me.  Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces in two days.

    Enjoy the lovely fall weather. And maybe, see you at the People’s Climate March tomorrow afternoon :).
    Mme Eve

    Update ~Sunday September 14th

    Did you know that heads of state are going to New York City for a historic summit on climate change? Around the world, people are going to make history too by coming together for a weekend of action on climate —  it’s the Peoples Climate Mobilisation.

    I’m joining the event in Vancouver. Here’s the link to get involved: I would not share this if it were not about the importance of the health of our beautiful Planète bleue.

    Also find below the free link to the film ‘Disruption’, a very recent film on climate change, preceding the Sept 21st NYC and corresponding to the social movement. It is an interesting film to watch with your family to make sure you understand it well.

    Hope you can make it,

    Mme Eve

    P.S. This message is inspired by the letter I received from

    Update ~Friday September 12th

    Many thanks to parents, students, and community members for stopping outside of JQ and having a chat with us this week. Your support towards public education and our schools being open soon with fair learning conditions means the world. I am hoping to begin teaching by Monday! This is what I am aiming for. In the meantime, there will be a large rally by the Vancouver Art Gallery this coming Sunday between 10 am-12.30pm. You know me, I like to make sure everyone is in the loop so find below the official message inviting you all:


    We all want students back in school now. Eighteen months of negotiation and mediation have failed. This is a grassroots parent-driven rally to make our voices heard. The organizers are parents who have never met but have banded together through Facebook for the common goal of schools resuming. Please share and invite!

    All are welcome: students, parents, teachers, and anyone supporting Public Education.

    Meet at the north plaza.

    We are grateful to: Long and McQuade, donating rental of sound equipment, and the Toy Company at 3298 Main Street donating face paint.

    If you would like to donate to help offset the costs of the rally, please “buy” a ticket at Eventbrite. You do not need tickets to this event. You can also share this link with your friends.

    We are on Twitter @rally4arbitratn.
    Email us at

     Update ~Monday September 8th

    Today is International Literacy Day. It is really sad to see how many people with a weak level of literacy see themselves.  video

    I will be holding the line for public education today and for as long as it takes at JQ between 12pm-3pm.

    Update ~Thursday September 4th

    As the days roll by I only miss all of you more and more. Thank you to the students and families who popped by this week; it is always amazingly heartwarming seeing you.
    I can always be found at JQ between 12pm and 3pm.

    Tomorrow, Vancouver Elementary teachers are in study session off site (this means not at JQ) during the day. If you would like to, parents, kids, teachers, the community will gather at the Rally by Canada Place between 5pm and 6pm and that is where I will be.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Mme E

    Update ~Saturday August 23rd

    While I am attending a science weekend at SFU, I found a free activity that could be of interest in early September!!!

    Science Alive 20th Anniversary – Open House
    Date: Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 from 10am-3pm
    Location: Applied Science Building Atrium at Simon Fraser University!
    It’s free!

    Update ~Tuesday August 12th

    I thought of you when I saw that the Free Outdoor Movie in Stanley Park pays tribute to the actor Robin Williams tonight by showing Mrs. Doubtfire. Do you remember Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt in the last movie we saw together – Night at the Museum 2?

    On another note…have you reviewed your times tables yet? You must know and understand them before you go to Grade 5, same with how to complete long divisions. You have forgotten? It happens, pick up your math exercice book and fin the page where you solved long divisions and practice (you may also visit this link to review basic Grade 4 skills). Have you read in French and English this summer? I am sure the answer is yes, since you are all such amazing readers. Take a few minutes a day, to write about your day (a great recipe you ate, a thought about your day, a description of an exhibit your went to, etc.). This will all make the beginning of the year smoother. After all, you have been off school for a long while. Lastly, do visit our wiki and add to our reading summer list (earlier in July, on this very same blog, I showed you how to get to it). Eric and I feel a bit lonely adding our readings (I also think we are competing for number of books read…though I believe I win the number of powers filled!).

    I miss you chickadees, cannot wait to see you all again.

    Update ~Special Olympics ~Tuesday July 8th

    Les Jeux d’été d’Olympiques spéciaux Canada 2014 sont ouverts! Le flambeau a été allumé hier soir. Have a look at the pictures and come by to catch records being broken by the athletes.

    Update ~Tuesday July 8th

    Today, the Games begin! The FREE opening ceremony of the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games at 7pm at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena (6066 Thunderbird Boulevard, UBC Vancouver Campus). Did you know the planning of the ceremony is done by the same heads who worked on the 2010 Opening and closing ceremonies?

    Come and have a look at the events this week, I will be there!

    Update ~Friday – July 4th (Happy Fourth of July to our friends who were born in the USA)

    I have been wondering what you have been reading? I noticed all the amazing books Eric has read so far… are you wondering how I know what he has read? Well, it’s written on our wiki, of course! After visiting the main page, click on the Lecture d’été – Summer Reading folder. 

    Then, click on page 1 and voilà, you may contribute to the wiki (in French and in English). 

    My curious mind is looking forward to knowing what great reads you come across during the summer. On this note, I am going back to my own reading.

    Update ~Tuesday – July 1st

    Bonne fête du Canada!

    Update 2~Friday – June 27th

    If you know me, you know how much I appreciate street art. I found out about the Pakistan Street Art Competition. Have a look and be inspired to create.

    Update ~Friday – June 27th

    Malgré la pluie, je serai devant JQ aujourd’hui, pour cette dernière journée, avec mes collègues. Many thanks to the four beautiful Division 8 boys I had the chance to see yesterday. It warmed my heart seeing you. Receiving emails has been lovely too. Thank you. Let’s stay in touch over the summer, shall we.

    This summer : be safe, enjoy the sun in moderation, be healthy (eat well, exercise, and get some proper rest), lastly and foremost be kind to yourself, to your friends and family, and to the Earth.

    Maintenant, un peu de soleil et de joie de vivre en ce jour de pluie. Cliquez si vous êtes curieux et ensuite… dansez!

    Bon été mes chéris.

    Update 2~Wednesday – June 25th

    Thank you to all the friendly faces who came to JQ in the past two weeks, and those who came today. Thank you to of the other friends who are thinking about us. My fellow colleagues and I appreciate you so very much.

    I miss you all and so wish we would have had the last two weeks together. I will continue to post on the blog and to write on the wiki over the summer. I invite you to join me on the wiki. You see, I am not ready to let any of you go…. not yet. For that matter, today, I had a 90 minutes discussion en français with one of my old chickadees (because when you become one of my people, you are one of my people forever). That student had just finished his 10th grade, and even though he is now studying in English he continues to enjoy and treasure French. I am so proud of him, so grateful for him taking the time to come and visit with me. Please know that I am looking forward to hearing from you, anytime during the summer or at the latest this fall when we meet again. Do not hesitate to email me with your thoughts, your adventures, your worries… I was there for you, I am here for you, and will always be.
    *I will be at JQ Thursday and Friday between 12-3pm. If you do not see me, it is because I am walking around the block. Please wait so I can give you a big hug (if you want one).

    Lots of love,
    Mme Eve

    Update ~Wednesday – June 25th

    Yesterday was Québec Day so I hope you all remembered to speak, read, and write some French. If not, take the challenge today.

    If you don’t have plans for the weekend, you may want to have a look at the buskers festival.

    I would like to invite you to the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games taking place at UBC between July 8th and 12th. I will be there the whole time part of the translation team (Mme Jessica, and Mme Sevie will be there too). It is a free and inspiring event, come and have a look, I would love to see you there. If you have any questions about it, let me know.

    In the meantime, meet Bryan.

    Update ~Monday – June 23rd

    This week’s heart and mind challenge is to be alert and engaged.

    Update ~Sunday – June 22nd

    Bonjour tout le monde. I wanted you to know that I will be standing outside the school between 12-3pm tomorrow and the coming days if need be. Do not hesistate to come by for a hug, a chat, or more information about fractions or conjugaison.

    Did you celebrate Summer Solstice? Please go on the wiki and contribute to the summer reading :)

    Update ~Wednesday- June 18th

    The pique-nique seemed to have been a lot of fun! I was able to make it to the park…. but only at 8pm, after my soccer game. I was told I arrived a few minutes after most students had left. I am sorry that I missed so many of you :( For your information, I will be in front of JQ (or walking around the block) between 12.00 and 3.00pm tomorrow and Friday.

    Le festival de Jazz arrive en ville! There are a ton of free events, have a look on the website and enjoy the music.

    Update ~Tuesday- June 17th

    Well, no surprise, I miss everyone… It didn’t take long. Nevertheless, let’s all stay positive and hope for a quick return to school together.  This week our Heart-Mind Challenge is to be Secure and Calm.

    I thought about you when I followed the Doctors in the very very long procession of Graduates on Friday. I am sharing two pictures with you, as I promised I would. 

    On our flickr album, I have added the last pictures taken during the French expressions’ presentations as well as the bucket Zaynedeen gave me, filled with your messages or love and gratitude. Thank you so very much you filled my bucket! I know that if we do not get to see each other in the coming two weeks, we will catch up properly in September. In the meantime, since many of you have asked, I am sharing with you my email address… just in case you would like to say hi, need a hand, or to share a thought: (this is for students’ use!).

    Congratulations to the students who continue to use the Wiki. You amaze me. I am sharing with you again French and English reading lists compiled by Mme Celia last year. I am also tempted to create a new page on the Wiki for new books you will read over the summer. This would allow you to continue using your reading powers during the summer… what do you think? Lecture d’ete 2013 – 4e Lecture d’ete 2013 – 5e Summer Reading List 2012 – gr4 Summer Reading List 2012 – gr5

    I will be back on the blog now and then! À bientôt mes cocos.

    Update ~Tuesday- June 10th

    This week our heart and mind challenge is : solving problems peacefully.

    Find below the team number and color for your child during Sports Day (June 17th)
    Team Red 1-Callen; 2-Carys; 3-Lindsay; 4-Nayla; 6-Eddie; 7-Sydney; 8-Gwyneth; 9-Kai; 10-Georgia
    Team Green 1: Max; 2-Nicholas; 3-Cameron; 4-Cole; 5-Alex; 6-Alexi; 7-Kaoru; 8-Emma; 9-Kalib; 10-Jonathan
    Team Yellow 1: Tamsyn; 2-Eric; 3-Veronica; 4-Calla; 5-Laura; 6-Anik; 7-Zaynedeen; 8-Melia; 9-Sarah; 10-Emily

    Update ~Monday- June 9th

    Did you know that Division 8 rocks? Indeed, we do. Division 8 received their reward today: we watched Chicken Run en français in our pjs :) Thank you everyone who generously brought in healthy snacks. Tomorrow, Mme Katie will offer the students their reward for being the JQ Division who read the MOST in French during the Livromanie reading club. I am very proud of them all.

    Thank you to every student who brought in ALL of their library books. We are in the race to the finish line and have a great chance to win this competition too…

    I cannot wait for tomorrow and Thursday to watch students perform their creative French expressions skits.

    Many deadlines this week:
    -Plurilinguistic book (new/still hard deadline, Thursday June 12th)
    -English summary writing of work accomplished during Lit Circles (draft was due today, good copy due on Friday June 13th)
    -French Paragraph(s) about our paintings (good copy due Friday June 13th)
    -Grammar package (will be corrected in class on Friday June 13th)
    -Rotative strike takes place on Wednesday June 12th.

    * I will be away this Friday… I am attending my MA graduation :)

    Update ~Wednesday- June 4th 

    Congratulations to all of our choir signers, what an incredible year you have had! Tomorrow, we will celebrate our strings’ school musicians who will perform at 2pm in the gym (all welcome).

    Félicitations to Eric who gave a presentation to the Grade 5s today. Mr Jean and his students were impressed with your eloquence and the quality of your work. I am so proud of you :)

    It was really nice to see friendly faces this afternoon during the Volunteer Tea. If you didn’t get a chance to come, do know that we know how much you helped us this year and are very grateful to you.

    What’s next week:
    *We attainted our goal of walking quietly in hallways and up the stairs. Monday June 9th, it is ‘PJ Day + Movie Day + Bring in a healthy snack to share Day’.
    -Work on plurilinguistic book (hard deadline Wednesday June 11th)
    -Perimeter retake (tomorrow)
    -Work on the measure of area (celebration Monday June 9th)
    -English summary writing of work accomplished during Lit Circles (draft due Monday June 9th)
    -Play writing using French expressions  (written due Monday June 9th, presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday of that same week)
    -French Paragraph writing about our paintings (draft due tomorrow)
    -Rotative strike takes place on Friday.

    Update ~Friday- May 30th 

    Four beautiful learning weeks to go before summer break. I would like to assure you that hands-on learning will take place every single day of the month of June. It is my professional belief that quality work involves continuos learning in a meaningful use of ones’ time young or old. Thank you for your support!

    Today everyone completed stunning paintings. Pictures are available on this link along with the newest additions of Kandinsky inspired works.

    We ended the week strongly with 24 walkers/riders out of 30 of us :). I am hoping we will maintain this healthy habit throughout the coming month. Riding is so much fun.

    What’s next week:
    -Work on plurilinguistic book (hard deadline Wednesday June 11th)
    -Perimeter retake (many students didn’t do as well as they should, so the retake is Thursday June 12)
    -Work on the measure of area (celebration Monday June 9th)
    -Complete required Wiki entries (Wednesday June 3rd) + summary writing of work accomplished during Lit Circles (in class)
    -Deepen understanding and usage of French verbs at the present tense
    -Play writing using French expressions  (in class)
    -Learning about energy sources and light (in class)-(at home, you can view this brain pop clip).
    -Focus on verbs in the past tense in English (in class)
    -French Paragraph writing about our paintings (in class)

    When I arrived home I listened to this song I adore. The author-composer-performer, Vincent Vallières studied education in my faculty in Québec. I thought it was appropriate to share it with you all.. .06 On va s’aimer encore

    Update ~Thursday- May 29th 

    I am really proud of all my chickadees and their positive participation to our Bike to Work week activities :). Thank you to the PAC,  the many parent volunteers, and the grade 6 students for their support. Today, we had 24 out of 31 of us coming by foot of wheels!

    Update ~Wednesday- May 28th 

    Have a look at the pictures of the pattern and Kandinsky artwork hung by our classroom and meet artist Susan McCallum. We spent our afternoon with her, learning how to sketch, shade, and create contrast. We began planning our animal paintings inspired by the work of Dale Auger. On Friday, we will welcome Susan again.

    French poetry and expressions continue to inspire us… Students are working in teams to write a short skit which they will soon perform. 

    Congratulations to the students who presented their ‘Explorateur’ work this morning and to Kai, Georgia, Veronica, Max, Alex, Anik, Laura, and Sarah who reached the French spoken/behavior challenge as a group and received a celebratory apéro today :) 

    Bike to Week news: Tuesday, 22 out of 31 of us came to school by foot or human powered wheels. Today, our numbers shot up to 25 out of 31!!! Tomorrow, we will have our biking activity offered by the PAC between recess and lunch. I believe everyone needs to bring their bicycle to school if possible.

     Update ~Tuesday- May 27th

    Heart-Mind Challenge of the week: Compassion and Kindness.

    Congratulations to all the students who presented their work on an Explorer today. I am so proud of your efforts. Tomorrow we will have the pleasure to hear the last three presentations, work on ‘area’ in math, begin our French plays, and meet artist Susan McCallum. It will be an exciting day.

     Of interest ~Monday- May 26th

    I thought I would share these pictures with you. They are good discussion starters between an adult and a child.

    I am also sharing this anti-bullying rap written and perform by two young lads. It is inspiring.

    Update ~Sunday- May 25th 

    I had the privilege to attend the Grade 5 camp last week and now know all of you will love it there next year!

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday, we will have a fascinating week ahead of us. It is Bike to School/Work Week :)

    1) Explorers presentations (everyone who has not presented will on the 27th)
    2) Physical Education and Book Exchange
    3) Literacy Circles Meet (Students must write up their 2 tasks/powers on the wiki)

    1) Physical Education
    2) French play using idiomatic expressions
    3) David Delorme and Susan McCallum’s Visit (First Nations Artist)

    1) Bike to Work activity

    1) Second part of our activity with David Delorme and Susan McCallum
    2) Technology: time to work on our plurilingual books

    Update ~Tuesday-munrdi- May 20th 

    First of all, I would like to thank every one of my students and the amazing parents who help them practice restorative justice. It was an empowering experience for them and a balm for my heart.

    Our first Heart-Mind Challenge is for everyone to ‘Get Along With Others’. Today, many students showcased how to put this challenge into action by playing soccer kindly, inviting a friend to join them, and offering constructive feedback. I am very proud of my Division 8 chickadees. 

    Congratulations to the students who presented their research on Explorers. 

    If I obtain the rights from the students who completed power point presentations, I will post them on our blog :).

    Thank you to Owen who came in for a third time this year to help us out and play soccer with us. It makes such a difference having an extra set of hands.

    Our Literacy Circles are coming to an end. There will be one more meet, next Tuesday, and then we will complete our tasks on the wiki and return the library books by next Thursday the 29th (for books coming from other libraries and June 5th for the books from our very own library). 

    Students completed their perimeter celebration today and will take their conjugaison celebration on Thursday (verbs avoir, être, and verbs ending in -er in the present tense). Everyone knows the schedule for the three days to come and I trust they will make me proud and produce quality work.

    On the agenda:

    -Areas of shapes
    -Light and its properties
    Hannah and the Spindle Whorl
    -Livres plurilingues
    -Flex time to complete independent projects

    I will see everyone on Tuesday. Be well.

    We are taking the Heart-Mind Challenge….starting May 18th.

    Have a look at the Dalai Lama Center who will send us Kindness challenges weekly (feel free to join the challenge with your workplace, community, family too).

    This is the Heart-Mind Index… I see, in our near future, the creation of such a heart :)


    Update ~Wednesday May 14th

    This week, students are successfully learning how to organise their work (prioritizing, keeping focused and busy). I am very impressed with their improved work habits.

    Wassily Kandinsky and his ‘Im Blau‘ is our current art inspiration.

    We had a great time today at the Spring Fair, the grade 6 and 7 did a fabulous job. We have also decided: our célébration on perimeter will take place on May 20th.

    Update ~Monday May 12th

    Important dates:

    -May 13th: Retake celebration on quadrilaterals for interested students-I apologize for the mistake on our calendar. It was sent correctly via students’ agenda.
    -May 13th: Chan Center rehearsal for Strings students (9.00 to 12.00), concert in the evening.
    -May 14th: JQ Spring Fair. If you wish to send your child to school with a few dollars, we will attend as a group between 13.30 and 14.00 tomorrow to support our Grade 6 and 7s’ initiative.
    -Monday (Victoria Day)-school is not in session.
    -May 20th and 27th: Explorers’ presentations. Students were able to sign up for their preferred date, ask your child which date he/she has chosen.
    -A celebration on perimeter will soon take place. We will then learn about measuring area.

    N.B. I am one of the teachers’ supervisor for the Grade 5 Sea to Sky Camp. I will be away from the 21st to the 23rd of May. A complete plan will be prepared for my substitue teacher. School is in session as usual.

    Update~Wednesday May 7th

    Thank you Division 8 families for celebrating Teacher appreciation Day with me with deliciously fragrant morning flowers and end-of-the-day treats. They helped begin and conclude my day in a surprising manner.

    This week I read to the students the book: ‘C’est bien, c’est mal’. We had discussion about this philosophical question and a focus was set on thinking before acting or talking. I hope all seeds will grow into beautiful trees. Ask your child what his/her thoughts were on the topic.

    Tomorrow is the BIG one at two, our most important earthquake drill. Everyone must be dressed for the weather as we will be outside for an extended period of time.

    Les explorateurs: Students have begun researching information about an explorer of their choice. This project will be open-ended, so students have chosen their favoured way to present their knowledge. Aside from answering basic questions, students will aim to go deep, finding accurate and interesting facts. They must find out how the explorer’s encounter with local population and environment was. Students are also invited to justify their interest for this particular explorer. Tomorrow, we will have our third ‘explorateurs’ work period of the week and will decide when the projects should be finalized. Stay tuned.

    Math: Students are currently reviewing times tables and divisions in order to continue the geometry unit involving perimeter and area. Next week, I will offer a retake celebration on quadrilaterals for students who were not fully successful on the previous one. All the class material can be brought home for further revision.

    Grammar: In English, students are currently learning about common homophones and synonyms to expand their vocabulary and proper use. In French, due to the challenges faced by many in conjugaison, a complete revision of the verbs ‘avoir’ and ‘être’ in the present tense is on its way. All students should know how to conjugate in the present tense with ease: avoir, être, aimer (1st group), finir (2nd group), and a few verbs from the 3rd group. Another celebration of those verbs will take place probably next week. I am dreaming about my students understanding ‘passé composé’ and ‘imparfait’ by the end of the year… let us see. But I do have a dream!

    Important dates to come:
    Friday May 9th: Hand in a good copy of the ’Squamish’ text
    Friday May 9th: Hand in a good copy of the French penpal letter
    Monday May 12th: Lit Circles #3 – Make sure to visit the wiki frequently and to contribute to it by adding your two (minimum) reading powers for each book read. Remember, everyone must read at least two books for the selection.
    Monday May 19th: Stat. Holiday
    Tuesday May 20th: Lit Circles #4

    Oh, I discovered this 100 happy days link today and I thought I would give it a try….today or tomorrow…

    Update~May 5th~Kodomo no Hi

    Today, Cinco de Mayo is also Kodomo no Hi; Japan’s Children Day. If you need a quick activity in Japanese, I found some exercice sheets in Japanese and French, German, Spanish, or English (JapaneseKodomonoHi).

    Update~ Sunday May 4th 

    Everyone had fun playing ‘marelle‘ with the kindergarten buddies.

    Students began conceptualizing their very own plurilinguistic book. A great number of bilingual and abc type books inspired them. In the weeks to come, they will continue to research and write their book.  

    If you love music and beautiful photographs like I do, you might enjoy these pictures of the inside of musical instruments.

    Update~ Wednesday April 30th

    This is already the last day of this month. Can you believe it?!

    Due to students’ enthusiasm for our Lit Circles Wiki, I created a new folder for our Livromanie books. This will give them a chance to express their ‘reading powers’ en français.

    I know the third term has started with intensity. You should see how hard the kids are working and gently becoming serious learners and I am really proud of them. They are growing, one day at the time.

    Update~ Sunday April 27th

    We have been working on:

    -French Grammar (present tense-célébration next Friday)

    -Dressing up as book characters was fun and showcased students creativity.

    -Quadrilaterals and their attributes (célébration on Wednesday)

    -Lit Circles and Wiki!!! Students will all read a minimum of 2 books for the selection presented and posted on the wiki. They will respond directly on the wiki (two powers per book). Each one of them as their user name and passwords. We are focusing on Adrienne Gear’s reading powers. Our first Lit Circles meeting will be on Tuesday.

    -Formal dictées are halted. We will focus on the spelling and challenges present in our everyday, increasing use and understanding of expressions and homophones.

    -Improvisation: Students with Mme Eve on Thrusday mornings have begun formal improvisation training. Mme Eve is impressed with their skills.

    -Paragraph writing, lead sentences, and development of depth (powerful and precise nouns, adjectives, and verbs). Focus is also on varied sentence openers.

    -Explorers: each student is researching information on one explorer of their choice. The focus is to understand who, from where, to where, for which purpose, how, and what happened upon arrival (ie: how did the encounter with local population and environnement take place? what were the changes that happened?).

    *I believe there are lice yet again in our class. Could we all please have a look at Div 8 and siblings’ hair? (Pillow cases, upholstery, and car headrest must also be disinfected to prevent the lice from staying alive). A good tip is to use a drop or two of Tea Tree oil in the hair conditionner once a week. It has worked for me for the past 30 years! Let’s get rid of those lice once and for all, shall we?!

    Update~ Wednesday April 16th

    Thank you to the 21 family members who came by this afternoon to play with the original Division 8 board games. It was a lot of fun to spend quality time together. Many thanks to the students – photographers.

    Update~ Monday April 14th

    Many thanks to Mme McCurdy’s Division 2 students for presenting us the 2014 Livromanie books. Every student from Division 8 has borrowed one or two Livromanie books to read. Those should be read in priority, since we have only two weeks to do so.

    We began ‘Poetry week’ with a tongue and cheek piece from Jacques Prévert. You can find it on the Arts Langagiers page.  The book ‘Qui aimerais-tu être?’ is a great inspiration for our current creative work. Ask your child about it!

    1) Dictée 17 did not take place last Friday. We voted today and chose to have it this coming Thursday.
    2) English first draft of the Squamish paragraphs is due on Thursday at the latest.
    3) French grammar document is to be completed by Wednesday.
    4) Tomorrow is a very special day. We will meet in the field near Byng pool for a double P.E. class. It is also a pyjama day and  the Red Cedar Award books will be presented to the students :).

    Update~ Friday April 11th

    Report cards are going home today. They are based on the second term’s learnings. Term 2 ended prior to Spring Break. I would love for you to sit with your child and to reminisce about all the learning, projects, and work done this term (this blog, for example, is a portfolio tracing the year).

    When you read the learning objectives, do keep in mind that during the second term, the learning and working expectations were higher than term one and so was the complexity of the work. Therefore, if your child maintained the same letter grade, he/she is doing well. This means that he/she is progressing in their learning. If one of your child’s grades is lower, know that we worked on different topics in all subjects. We all have our strenghts in different areas (i.e. computing additions might be easier than solving problems involving money). In addition, a few kids had a more challenging term socially and that also may have had repercussions on their progress. 

    Lastly, remember that the ‘zone’ your child should aim for is the ‘B/C+’. This means your child is learning at a Grade 4 level. The C+ is positive and does not have the same meaning it had when we were kids. It means Fully Meeting the Expectations (FM).

    Note: All celebrations and assessments have been sent home for signatures over the course of term 2. I have kept these documents and they will be sent home for you to keep on Monday.

    Update~ Thursday April 10th

    Another way to look at symmetry is through composition. Have a look at  Wes Anderson Centered short movie for creative perspectives.

    Update~ Wednesday April 9th

    Today we reviewed geometric shapes, their names, and their possible lines of symmetry. The students had fun playing with ‘geoplans’ to exercise their skills.

    We had an amazing discussion about First Nations people and their lives before they encountered explorers. Speaking of explorers, students began to learn about them this afternoon. They are all invited to get ready for coming lessons by doing some of their own research.

    Two new projects have been launched : an art project and a creative (student-animal) poetry project to prepare for next week’s Poetry Week.

    See the pictures of us hosting our friends from Mme Angèl’s class on Tuesday. We had a great time showing them our games and are expecting an equally great time on Friday when Mme Marion’s students will come in. Everyone is looking forward to the parents and friends’ visit on Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm.

    Update~ Monday April 7th

    Today we looked at all the Squamish pictures posted the blog as well as Heather’s (thank you so much for taking such great pictures). We also began brainstorming and writing about our learnings.

    Tomorrow, we are welcoming Mme Angèl’s students. We are presenting them our board games. Mme Marion’s students will be coming on Friday. Parents are welcome for an afternoon of board games on Wednesday April 16th (from 13.00 to 15.00). Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Update~ Sunday April 6th

    The beauty of slow life... I had to share this discovery with all of you. Enjoy this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

    Update~ Friday April 4th

    Thank you Alison, Gail, Heather, Loretta, Michael, and Rod for being wonderful parent elders. I am grateful for all your help and the care you gave the children. Thank you to Mme Natalie and Mr Vital who also came by to support us. It takes a warm and loving community to raise such beautiful children.


    See some pictures.  Please note that some groups are more represented than others, do not fear, other pictures will come. Enjoy a restful weekend.

     Update~ Tuesday April 1st

    Well, I was tricked a few times today, from a fish saying ‘free hugs here’ to these two tricks:

    The kids had fun today. We had a very serious discussion about what the world might be if the European contact with First Nations people had been different. This is the quote that inspired our discussion:

    Everyone played battleship. Our biggest disappointment was the impossibility of borrowing library books: the VSB system was down today.

     Update~ Monday March 31st

    I had an amazing day back. Thank you everyone for being rested, present, and happy. What an incredible way to begin our last term of the school year. Our day in a few words: frisbee, mindfulness, 5 words recount, rules reviewed, art appreciation, Qumak and Venn diagram creation, silent reading, charts  and coordinates reading, battleship, Squamish discussion; voilà!

    No dictée = yé! Please note that report cards will be sent home on the 11th of April.

    Squamish….It’s coming and sun has been ordered. If rain comes, rain comes. After all we live in a unique and beautiful temperate coastal region.

    Packing: make sure all belongings are identified with your child’s name. I know your son/daughter is responsible, but in a dark bighouse and with the excitement brought by the experience, believe me, clothing gets left behind. It facilitates my ‘lost and found’ quest when owners’ names are written. We discussed clothing today: bringing an extra pair of socks in case it is really wet (or really hot) is a great idea.

    Your child is responsible to carry all of his/her belongings. Make sure the bag is not too heavy. Think about beginning to pack early and reviewing items so your child is familiar with all their contents.

    Departure from school: please arrive at 7.00 am on Thursday April 3rd (we will depart shortly after that). Upon arrival, students must check in with Mme Eve. They will begin loading their belongings under the bus when the driver is ready for us to do so. Students will meet as a Squamish family with their elder. Hugs and kisses to loved ones, then hopping on the bus.

    *Children should have their rain gear with them on the bus as well as a snack if needed.**Please let me know if you are giving your child a gravol and if he/she needs one on the ride home. I would like to give it to him/her at the appropriate time.

    Return to school: 3:00 pm on Friday April 4th (if we are ever delayed, I will call the school and let everyone know).

    For the students who have forgotten which family they belong to…. I have attached the family list. Family Groupings-April3-4-2014

    Class Photo is tomorrow. Wear your smile!

     Update~ Sunday March 21st

    Just in case you are missing school a little…. here is a semi-animated version of the book ‘I Want my Hat Back’ written by Jon Klassen. It leaves lots of room for inferencing!

    Update~ Tuesday March 18th

    Mr Thomas has assigned to his students a PE project for the final term. Students were given a hard copy during class. Mr Thomas has generously provided a digital copy just in case a hard one went missing….

    Presentations gym1 Presentations gym 2

    Mr Thomas will be discussing further details with students upon their return to school in April. Until then, they are to begin thinking about the different elements of their presentations (ideas) and partners they wish to work with (2-3 students per group).

    Update~ Monday March 17th

    Phenomenal news.

    Update~ Saturday March 15th

    Key words so your child can guide your through our 100 new pictures

    -Team Building Activities
    – Plays
    -Mr Mamédy sings Jacques Brel, ‘La valse à mile temps’ 
    -Tiramisu aux baies
    -Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library 
    -Les crêpes
    -Au revoir Mmes Maryse et Sevie :( 

    Enjoy the two weeks off. Come back happy and healthy on the 31st of March. We will only have a few days to get ready for our Squamish Experience…

    Update~ Thursday March 13th

    We worked with these two songs today:

    16 Stand up and 05 La rivière from the Quebec Band Bears of Legend as well as

    01 Electric PowWow Drum  and 07 Native puppy love from the Canadian Band A Tribe Called Red

    During guitar we practice playing the Francis Cabrel Song ‘À l’encre de tes yeux’. Students went home with the music information. They have push ups and jumping jacks to do to improve their guitar skills :) Thanks to Mr Jean who came in and helped us today.

    Update~ Tuesday March 11th

    I am loving this week! Not only is the sun shining, but two amazing working days have already taken place. On Monday, students completed their knowledge web about Pacific Northwest Coast People, their medicine wheel, and their dream catchers. They continued to learn about identifying and counting money as well as calculating the correct change. We ended our day outside, rehearsing our short ‘La petite fille qui a été mangée par le gros poisson’ play (presentations will be tomorrow and/or Friday). Today, students worked on specific diets in teams of 5, and created a portrait showcasing a particular emotion. The final artwork will soon be posted on our blog… they are currently in the hallway by our door.

    Three more fantastic days of learning, practicing, and sharing before a well-deserved rest.

    *Tomorrow is the due date to hand-in the First Nations Novel synthesis. Thank you for reminding your child to bring it in if he/she has not already given it to me.

    **Dictée 16 AND célébration de math on Friday.


    Update~ Saturday March 8th

    Please remember this Sunday, March 9th,  is the ‘Spring Forward’ weekend, so clocks must be turned forward – yes, we all lose an hour of sleep :(. Mme Sevie talked about the importance of sleep in the past weeks. I would like to stress it once again. During the weekend and week, make sure you child runs about, drinks water, eats healthy, and goes to bed at a reasonable hour. Their little bodies are growing and they need rest to recharge. Many little conflicts have erupted last week. Students were less patient and tolerant than they usually are. But hang on little tomatoes, we are almost there…Spring Break is in sight!

    This week, students worked on understanding money (introduction to decimals). Mathematics is used in real life, money in particular. Talk about how we use math in everyday life. You can also visit the curriculum-math page of our blog for useful web resources. Problem solving using money skills will be evaluated next Friday.

    Did you know that students performed a ‘quick write’ in French yesterday? They worked really well for 30 sustained minutes. They wrote about First Nations pre-contact facts. Students have begun the creation of their very own dream catchers. A special Mindful smelling class took place on Friday. Try guessing which facial expression is linked to which scent! (look).

    A beautiful and intense week coming up.  Have a look at our blog’s calendar to get a detailed picture.

    Please note: if your child will be away for one or more days next week, he/she must take the celebrations and dictée prior to their absence dates. It is report card season after all! 

     Update~ Thursday March 6th

    The rainy weather and the excitement of two weeks of holidays coming up are not making it easy for anyone to stay focused. Nevertheless, students are working hard to complete projects and to remain involved as much as they can in their learning.

    Yesterday, I introduced students to some songs from the Squamish Nation provided by the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural center. I would like to share the 10 Feast Song with you today (after all, as I am writing this, it is dinnertime). I am grateful to the students who fully embraced the music and listened to it carefully as everyone worked on their personal medicine wheel. I stress respect for all cultures, people, and music. Our Squamish adventure is coming soon: we will be welcomed on the Squamish land, meeting its people, eating with them, listening to their sacred stories and songs, and sleeping in their house…

    Today we discussed personal space. It is my understanding that many children are not fully understanding the importance and meaning of touch. Did you know there were 9 types of touches? (No touch, Loving touch, Friendly touch, Fix-It touch, Accidental touch, Confusing touch, Space Invader, Hurtful touch, Problem touch). We will review them all in class  since I am not confident everyone in Division 8 is clear about their meanings. You are most welcome to open the discussion at home.

    Many thanks to Alexi, Anik, Georgia, Maxim, and Melia who were my fabulous helpers this week. Without you, I would not be able to teach guitar classes. Today, I quickly jotted on the board the four (modified) chords students have learned so far. Students are now able to keep a pattern (here it was down, up , up, down) and link chords.  With the willing few, I played a combination of G, D, Em, C, G :) I am very proud of you.

    For the past two months, students read First Nations’ novels, graphic novels, and information books. As a conclusion to this reading unit, everyone received two pages to work on. Both documents are directly linked to the Adrienne Gear Reading Power strategies taught in class. Congratulations to the four students who came to see me or Mme Maryse for further explanation. This is what learning is about: receive a task, look at it, give it a go, ask more clarification if needed and go back to your work. Active learners learn! (This task is due next Wednesday). In class, students are also completing a giant web of their knowledge about the First Nations people who lived on the Pacific West Coast prior to the European contact. Let me share once again this fabulous website created by the SFU anthropology museum. Who knows when it might come in handy.

    In nutrition, students played various trivia games on this website. They are invited to continue reflection about healthy habits. Max presented us a quick ‘ad’ which led to an interesting discussion about habits but also about the information we received in the media.

    Update~ Monday March 3rd

    Nous avons eu bien du plaisir durant notre aventure matinale en forêt. We collected enough materials to cover for students who were away today ;). If we would like to go on other adventures : we must learn to walk two by two and keep tighter ranks.

    Ask your child if he/she is practicing active listening when an adult or peer is speaking. This is a key aspect of respect that needs constant reminders and will make a big difference when we are in the presence of elders in Squamish.

    March is the month of Love, Friendship, Compassion, and Tolerance. 

    Varia~Update~ Sunday March 2nd 

    Dear Families,
    Winter, winter, winter! I hope you are staying warm this weekend. A few items:
    1) Tomorrow (Monday), first thing in the morning, we are going on a short adventure in the woods. Please make sure your child is wearing boots and is dressed for the rain, snow, mud, etc. Punctual arrival is even more mandatory than usual. We will leave our meeting spot (Byng Poolside) at 8.57am sharp. Lateness will prevent your child from having required knowledge and material for subsequent activities. Thank you for your support.
    2) February Club de lecture minutes are due tomorrow. Please make sure your child has counted his/her minutes before he/she hands in the green duo-tang tomorrow.
    3) Tuesday morning, students will have a celebration on telling time, counting duration and answering problems involving time. You may review your child’s knowledge on this topic to better prepare them.
    4)  Please return all Squamish forms and check ($160 addressed to École Jules Quesnel) by Friday at the latest. A lot of work still needs to be done to check that all paper work is appropriately filled in and sent ahead to Squamish. Thank you again for your support in this area.
    5) A packing list for Squamish will be sent home this week! Warm clothes that protect your child from the elements are important.
    Many thanks. The two coming weeks are key assessment weeks, please make sure your child is present every day including Friday March 14th for our dictée, math celebration on money, and the CRÊPES!!!
    Lastly: Division 8 chickadees’ wisdom on openness to diversity….

    Update~ Thursday February 27th

    Thank you Marc for coming in and suggesting ways to take our Conseil de  coopération further. It was very inspiring presentation.

    Thank you to Mme Sevie who shared the pictures she took of us during Music last week and our work with buddies yesterday.

     Second Update~ Wednesday February 26th

    I forgot to mention that we also prepared for Friday’s play. We watched, from Raven Tales ‘How Raven Stole the Sun’ and read the first few pages of the ‘Monkey King‘ digital book (thank you Eddie for helping me with accurate pronunciation). Ask your child what personality traits can be associated to these two characters.

     Update~ Wednesday February 26th

    Today might have been the richest day of our school year. Thank you everyone for wearing pink and taking part into discussions about diversity, participating into ‘graffitis’ on the topic, and helping little buddies creating ‘C’est super…’ posters.

    I am very proud of the calmness and focused everyone displayed today.

    Telling the time and length of activities is an important skill. Thank you for supporting your child at home, understanding at what time his/her activities are taking place, their length, and the time it takes to get there. This will support his/her understanding of time. A célébration on this topic will take place next week, have a look at the calendar.

    Two important deadlines coming up: Bilingual board game (planning, rules, game) and French First Nations’ novel to be completed by next Wednesday.

     Update~ Monday February 24th

    What fun students had playing in the snow! The pictures tell it all :)

    We talked about openness to diversity, acceptance and celebration of one another today when we read ‘Pourquoi ta peau est d’une couleur différente de la mienne’.

    Find below the link about nutrition students watched today (Brain pop).

    Update~ Wednesday February 19th
    Thank you to all families for taking the time to come in for at least 30 minutes and celebrate our children’s wonderful successes. It is always a special moment for me to see the pride each child has when they share their hard work with a parent. Time together is very precious.

    We had a successful short week. I am very proud of the kids’ focus and calm. Mme Maryse and Mme Sevie (our two amazing student teachers from SFU) have started co-teaching and taking over a few lessons. Next week, they will begin leading a nutrition and health unit. Many surprises and exciting learning are on the way.
    *On Monday, each child is required to bring in 5 packaging/labels/wrappings with him/her. Thank you for reminding your child to come to school prepared.

    Yesterday was an out-of-this-world day. It began with a new game taught by Mme Sevie. Then, while strings students were playing their little hearts out, music students with Mme Eve broke a JQ/world record of guitar playing in the same room, with a 23 guitar show. The G and C modified chords can now be played in sequence. The combination of the ‘two fingers’ have expanded to the rest of the guitar neck… Very very exciting.

    After recess, we listened to the song ‘Happy’ from Pharrell Williams. We watched two different videos of it. I shared one shot in Lausanne with the kids and told them my connections to the song. This catchy song was on the song track of Despicable Me 2 and inspired my 29 chickadees for their English creative writing task. I have to admit, the song played ‘en boucle’ in the computer lab for the rest of the period. I have not seen them writing so eagerly before!!!

    The two amazing videos allowed us to talk about diversity, respect and care for one another’s differences. Differences make us beautiful. We will talk even more than usual about acceptance and diversity in the weeks to come. Next week, on Wednesday 26th, the entire School board takes a stand against bullying, homophobia, and transphobia by wearing pink and participating in various community or reflective activities. Bullying is a broad umbrella and we have a zero tolerance policy at school and from our school board. Everyone deserves to be happy!

    Update~ Wednesday February 19th

    Squamish: Many of you asked me who to address the $160 check to for Squamish. It is to École Jules Quesnel.

    Thank you.

    Update~ Rainy Sunday February 16th

    Since it is currently raining, I thought I would share Thursday’s camouflage pictures to make your day sunnier.

    Also, did your child tell you about Chris Raschka’s  ‘Ami! Ami?’ we read in class?

    Update~ Friday February 14th-Joyeuse Saint-Valentin

    Amazingly exciting day… Lots of wishes and treats were shared, what generosity!

    Students worked on their learning goals and acted in French in the morning. Then, the whole school gathered in the gym to say farewell to Mme Krystyna. Beautiful singing from all choirs and a big thank you to Lindsay and Max who volunteered to offer Mme Krystyna the collective art piece (inspired by Emily Carr in Haïda Gwaii). She says she will frame it.

    As if the day couldn’t get better, I was deeply touched when my chickadees put together a surprise birthday celebration for me. I cannot express how special they made me feel. They are such thoughtful people. We ended the day with the big unveil of Squamish families and everyone went home with 3 different documents! They are to be filled out with care and attention and sent back with a cheque as soon as it is convenient for you.

    I guess the whole week was pretty exciting. We read about Pacific Coast First Nations’ art and practiced reading for meaning and responding to questions. Students in guitar class learned two chords: simplified C and G. I will post them over the weekend in the Arts page. In the meantime, our strings’ friends are focussing on the one and only Beethoven.

    Next week: Early dismissal on both Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is a pro-d Day. The week will be short and fully packed.

    Happy Valentines’ Day and weekend everyone. Do you feel all this love?!

    Update~ Thursday February 13th

    This is the SFU museum of anthropology’s website we consulted today to observe technology used by the First Nations People who used to live near the Fraser River.

    Remember tomorrow’s farewell assembly for Mme Krystyna at 11.00am in the gym tomorrow.

    Update~ Next outing – Parent Drivers Needed

    Our next amazing outing is a play linking First Nations stories and Chinese Tales: Raven meets Monkey King at the Talking Stick Festival. It is on Friday February 28th.  PAC is covering the cost of the tickets, so I am hoping we will have enough parents to drive us to the Talking Stick Festival/Full Circle location on 555 Great Northen Way (public transit would take us too long). I was able to obtain a play ticket for every parent driver.

    The Field Study Consent Form will be sent home tomorrow. Thank you for adding it to your calendar if you are available (there are 31 of us…).

    Update~ Wednesday February 12th

    What a beautiful outing we had! All the pictures I could take are posted on this link. I have to brag, Division 8 students travel well. Many thanks to Bonnie, Sara, and Tamara, for accompanying us today. We could not participate in field studies without parent support.

    Our ‘Yeux fermés’ art creations are now posted by our classroom, here are a few pictures.

    Please fill in the ‘Goal’ reflection sheet that your child brought home on Tuesday together. This will help him/her to complete their goal for the last term of the year. Everyone will work on it on Friday.

    Students are making great progress in the planning of their very own bilingual game. We are also getting ready for Friday’s second division celebration, becoming more confident in our skills. Our knowledge of First Nations heritage is growing by the minute :). The Squamish elders will be happy to welcome a group with such wisdom!

    Lastly: aeroplane (UK) spelling, airplane (US) spelling. I spent 5 years with a British group of teachers, so now and again, a UKism slips in (maths and math is the other one my husband keeps pointing out) Thank you for your patience 😉

    Goal Settings are next week

    Please follow this link to sign up to your child’s Student led goal setting conference.

    *Tomorrow, we meet at 8.25 am in front of the School’s main entrance. We are leaving at 8.30 am SHARP! Dress for the weather and bring your lunch in a small backpack.

    Update~ Thursday February 6th

    We did it! Twenty-two guitars strummed at once. Many thanks to Kaoru and his mom as well as Melia who helped me setting up while I tuned our instruments. I am so impressed and proud of us. Tomorrow, Mr Jean’s students will install two hooks in our classroom, allowing us to keep guitars at hand. I foresee the beginning of a love story with a new instrument.

    Fantastic research was conducted on trees of British Columbia today. Students are preparing for walking in ‘Deep Forest’ with Emily Carr next week.

    See the focus and fun students are having planning and conceptualizing their very own bilingual board game.

    Update~ Wednesday February 5th

    Tomorrow…à demain :)

    Update~ Tuesday February 4th

    On Monday we welcomed our two wonderful student teachers from SFU: Mme Maryse and Mme Sevie. Tomorrow will be their last day at JQ this week (they will be back on February 17th and will stay with us until Spring Break).

    On Monday we completed two rounds of FSAs and JP Zhang graciously came in to talk to us about the Chinese New Year calendar.

    Today, we read in ‘Le dernier voyage de Qumak’ and ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’ books. Students also worked on expanding their division skills and began the creation of their very own totem pole. I was amazed with the kids’ focus and the quality of their artwork. Have a look for yourself!

    Congratulations to Emily and Sydney who taught Grade 1 students how to hold their pencil properly. Mme Campansano told me her students spent the rest of the day making sure they had proper grid. Way to make a difference in others’ lives.

    Tonight, Mme Angèl, Mme Marion and I attended an information meeting for the Squamish Skw-une-was Program. We promise to send the list of parent-Elders by the end of the week and students’ documents early next week.

    Did you know this week’s expression is: “Garder son sang froid”? Did your child teach its meaning to you?

    Update~ Divisions= learning in progress 

    Please note that we continue to deepen our understanding of divisions (simple and long ones) in class. Long divisions are a long process. We will have another celebration of students’ knowledge next week to access everyone’s progress. You can support your child’s learning by playing math games involving divisions.

    Update~ Sunday February 2nd

    Last week, many students completed their digital French story. All creative stories will soon be sent to be bound into a Division 8 book. Students continued to exercise their editing abilities in English writing.

    Mme Kachan, our wonderful Occupational Therapist came in and gave us tips on how to hold our pencil properly. Our new mission: remind one another of the proper pencil grip. Have a look at Sydney’s!

    FSAs have begun. There will be two to three more tests conducted this week. Students were calm and focused during the first period of testing.

    We have been focused on understanding the meaning and types of totem poles built by some of the Pacific Northwest First Nations. Students have learned about totem animals and their significance for various clans and families. They have all been chosen by one totem animal. Everyone conducted research in order to learn more about that animal. This coming week, we will be planning and creating a mini totem pole in playdough with the totem animal at its top.

    Congratulations to all the music groups who have presented their original choreography. I am keeping the videos to myself, but here are some ‘action’ pictures to inspire you.

    This week, we are welcoming two student teachers from SFU: Mme Maryse and Mme Sevie. I am looking forward to working with them. I have been learning so much in the past three years in the course of my Masters of education, I believe we need to support one another in this learning community. Both of them will be with us for their short practicum until Spring Break.

    Are any parents interested in helping out on Thursday mornings before the bell? You would be helping me to tune 21 guitars. This would greatly assist me in teaching the guitar to my music students.

    Update~ Saturday February 1st

    Mindfulness is meaningful and purposeful. I am glad the world is slowly and surely adopting this practice. Thank you Colleen for sharing this article.

    Happy Lunar New Year 2014Year of the Horse

    The sun is glorious today, go outside and play! Tonight, read more about Chinese New Year.  On Monday Emily’s father will come in and share information about this celebration.

    Update~ Saturday January 25th

    Lots of writing and reading were done this week. Students are progressing, writing for a purpose and reading for understanding. They are using dictionaries, collaborating with peers, thinking about their writing. Have a look! On Thursday, I was anointed as Super Woman – hence the Friday outfit :)

    I read to students ‘La quête spirituelle de petit ours’ written by Diane Silvey. We discussed kindness, love, friendship, respect, compassion, and humility. We also briefly discussed different views on the how the world was created. Students had questions after reading ‘Corneille Arc-en-ciel’. Your child may have more questions about it.

    Students are very creative when it comes to music and dance. Next Thursday, they will present their final choreography to the music group. We are all looking forward to this excitement.

    This coming Wednesday, students will have a célébration on simple divisions. They have all worked hard and we will soon be ready to learn how to do long division (exciting!). On Thursday, there will be the dictée de révision of weeks 10, 11, and 12. Congratulations to the students who chose to do a French challenge this week. I am impressed with your focus.

    A field study notice was sent home yesterday. We will visit the Vancouver Art Gallery on February 12th, receiving a guided tour of Emily Carr in Haïda Gwaii followed by a workshop. The cost including bus and tour is $7. Thank you.

    To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we started making red paper cutting horses. Have a look at our windows from outside.

    Enjoy the sunny weekend everyone.

    Update~ Wednesday January 22nd

    Today, we listened to David Bouchard reading us ‘Corneille Arc-en-ciel’. Ask your child what this Ojibwe story was about.

    We are also reading together ‘La dernière aventure de Qumak’ which ties in nicely with the visit of Inuit author Michael Kusugak and his wife Gerry last Friday. Students have written reflexions in English about their presentations.

    Today, everyone learned the distinction between a totem pole and a totem. (mât totémique vs totem). I am curious to see if your child is able to explain what they both are. We have also talked about Nelson Mandela. We looked at his biography (my video was not functioning today!) and started writing inspired by three of his quotes:

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

    “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”.

    Update~ Tuesday January 21st 

    Congratulations to Division 8 students who read 15 118 minutes in French in December.

    Update~ Saturday January 18th 

    Friday was an exciting day as we welcomed the well-known Inuit author Michael Kusugak and his wife Gerry to Jules Quesnel. While Gerry gave us an accurate portrait of their life in Nunavut (meaning-our Land) sharing pictures, clothing, and artifacts with us, Michael told us stories about his childhood. We also learned many Inuktitut words that day :). This incredible visit was planned by Mme Katie (thank you) and is a wealth of information for our First Nations studies. Prior to our encounter with these two elders, I had discussed with students about the importance of paying respect to elders (any elders, including parents and teachers). This is very important practice prior to our Squamish experience. I am thrilled to say that the Division 8 students’ behavior was impeccable. Thank you, I am proud of you.

    Have a look and ask your child to explain more about what happened on Friday.

    Mamédy was also back in our class on Friday. We continued editing our French stories, working on spotting mistakes and finding the corrections. Did you know that everyone has handed in their 1st draft on time? It is the first time this year!  We also began learning about divisions. Students’ knowledge of the times tables and understanding that a multiplication is the opposite operation of a division will help them progressing. I am expecting everyone to move rapidly from simple division facts to long divisions. For extra practice, feel free to print exercise sheets from this website.

    *Please note that the Squamish experience is a learning experience for the students. We do need parent elders to lead each family, and we understand how exciting the thought of coming along might be. We would like everyone to know that aside from the lottery to select most parents, teachers and administrators will make final decisions based on educational needs. Once again, I are asking all of you to trust me, as a teacher, and to trust my colleagues. Planning such a field study is an incredible amount of work and paper work, which is not done during school time (since we are teaching). Thank you for being grateful and open about this whole event. It is exciting and memorable for the kids and for us. More information to come. The green letter you received was for us to have the accurate number of participants in order to proceed with the rest of the planning. Merci.   

    Update~ Thursday January 16th

    A document for the Squamish experience was sent home today. While the month of April seems to have disappeared from the letter, it has been written in our class calendar since the beginning of the school year! Division 8 will attend the Bighouse April 3rd-4th. Sorry about any confusion, it happens.

    Letter introducing Squamish Program-2014

    Update~ Tuesday January 13th

    In the past week,  students have presented their ‘Corneille et Petit Ours role play. While actors focused on pronunciation and expression, the audience practiced formulating constructive feedback in order to improve everyone’s drama skills. 

    We also read ‘The Sound of Colors-A Journey of the Imagination’ by Jimmy Lao and  ‘Les yeux noirs’ from Giles Tibo. Both texts present the reality of kids who are blind (one from birth, the other suddenly lost her sight). With compassion, we were inspired to create a surrealistic drawing. Everyone closed their eyes and drew on their papers. With their eyes open, they are now adding colors and creating shapes. Students are currently working on them but they will soon be displayed.

    In French, students are writing creative pieces both on paper and digitally. Our aim is to compile a collection of work and publish a class book. In English, students are developing their knowledge and usage of adverbs and they will soon be working on a reflective piece inspired by Nelson Mandela.

    Students are also learning new French expressions daily. Ask your child which expressions they have used so far! Editing one’s work is also an ability students are developing. We have looked at sample sentences together and are identifying mistakes and writing improvements. I am looking forward to reading the latest version students will present (1st draft due Thursday, 2nd draft due Tuesday).

    In December we had a visit from Chef Cole, while January brought us Magician Cameron :). Have a look at the pictures to see Cameron during this afternoon’s show, students creatively writing and drawing in the dark, as well as pictures from the last day of school (sentence charades with Mamédy and the Boréal Express movie).

    Today, we discussed the overuse of technology (not only in video gaming but also in its various forms of communications). I read Lane Smith’s ‘It’s a Book’ to them, prior to begin our conversation about technology, leading to focus and the lack thereof. If you are interested in knowing more about focus and attention, Daniel Goleman recently published ‘Focus’; a fascinating read. Here are two links that might be of interest.

    We are preparing ourselves for Friday’s visit of Author Michael Kusugak by learning about the Inuits and their culture. Students enjoyed two of Kusugak’s books: ‘Baseball Bats for Christmas’ and ‘A Promise is a Promise’. They were able to draw connections to another text: ‘La dernière aventure de Qumak’ which we began reading as a class Lit Circle on Friday. This book is based in what is now the Territory of Nunavut. Today, students have chosen a French book with a First Nations focus they will be reading in their mini-Lit circle groups.

    Bonne soirée!

    Update~ Tuesday January 7th

    Already two school days into the year 2014! We reviewed our class contract signed by the three parties at the beginning of the year (student, guardian, and teacher). It appears that students have gained a better understanding of the importance of following them.  You are welcome to revisit them with your child by opening the document ‘regles de vie 2013‘. Mr Thomas the gym teacher and I also spoke to the students about their behavior and attitude during that class in order to create a more positive learning environment.

    Students are currently developing their writing skills, focusing on how to improve basic sentences to make them captivating. In math they are learning to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers. Term two will focus on Socials (First Nations People and the Explorers). Today we watched a section of the Radio-Canada series called  ‘8e feu les autochtones et le Canada’. Feel free to watch it at home with your child.

    Drama is on the horizon (in the artistic sense). They continue to prepare for Petit Ours et Corneille presentations. In the weeks to come, students will learn more about emotions and how to use their bodies during acting to convey messages.

    Dictée is back this Friday. Thank you for practicing times tables up to 12 X 12 with your child as much as possible.

    Suggestion~ Thursday January 2nd

    Happy New Year! With every new Year comes a new selection of Livromanie books! Mme Teresa, the current teacher-librarian at Selkirk Elementary, created a blog page for this year’s edition. Go have a look! 

    Suggestion~ Monday December 30th

    Last week, I took my family to discover the amazing work of Master Carver Charles Edenshaw. It was my second visit. If you are looking for an uncredible way to begin the Year 2014, I invite you to visit the Charles Edenshaw Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery; an outing filled with history and beauty.

    Happy end of the Year 2013!

    Update~ Monday December 23rd

    We ended our 2013 school year with snow and warm moments. On Thursday, students began creating a class book online. This book will be filled with creative stories. On Friday, with Mamédy, our French monitor, we played charades (mimes and written components) and learned a French inspiration of Sting’s Englishman in New York song. Un africain à Paris by Tiken Jah Fakoly depicts the reality of many Africans travelling to France hoping for a better future for themselves and for their family. Here is the link to  the music video.

    We had read the Polar Express in French, painted murals, and on Friday, watched the movie. I offered students two oranges and a sweet, a token of my family traditions which go way back. For Christmas: you share with your loved ones (in the olden days, oranges and nuts were considered deluxe items).

    Thank you for the box of delights. I was very touched by your thoughtfulness and presence. The students’ garland looks perfect over our fireplace.

    As an offering to all, find attached our class book of peace thoughts. Students wrote their reflections about peace and I thought this time of the year would be the right one to release it. Enjoy it and have a safe and healthy holidays. Be happy and play outside.



    Mme Eve

    P.S.: We could not complete our presentations of Petit Ours due to the Choir rehearsals, so  a few more practices will take place in January before the rest of the groups present.

    Update~ Wednesday December 17th

    Yesterday, Lau from Gab Youth came in for the last hour of the day. Students talked about various types of bullying including homophobia. Ask your child if he/she remembers why the phrase ‘That’s so gay!’ is hurtful and completely inappropriate.

    We finished reading Rouge Timide by Gilles Tibo today. It is a pleasant short chapter book dealing with shyness and how to overcome it. This book contains lots of French comparisons and play on words.

    Two of the Boréal Express inspired scenes are hung up by our class. Congratulations to students for working collaboratively and for cleaning up independantly.

    Update~ Tuesday December 16th

    Yesterday, Mathieu Gicquel came in on foot due to a mechanical problem with his food truck. He explained us the history behind crêpes and demonstrated how to make them. We smelt and felt different types of flours and crêpes. In the New Year, we will get to taste his delicious crêpes.

    Today we are working in our pyjamas and crazy hair. See the pictures of the math’s working period.

    Update~ Friday December 13th

    What fun with had skating and getting to know our Henry Hudson’s friends! Thank you to Tamara, Charlie, Colleen, Pam, Heather, Georges, and Christiane for coming on the bus with us and helping us putting on our skates. Many parents who were downtown also stopped by, joining the fun.

    I knew you were hoping for pictures… so here they are. Please note those kids were fast, so I did my best to take pictures while skating :)

    Have a restful weekend everyone. Remember to practice your role (Corneille/Petit Ours) and bring your ‘crêpe’ appetite on Monday.

     Update~ Thursday December 12th

    We danced today! Links can be found on the Arts page.

    Le Boréal-Express/Polar Express de Chris Van Allsburg… project collaboratif en construction, on display by the end of 2013!

    Update~ Wednesday December 11th

    Did you know today was the 11th day of the 12th month of the 13th year? We felt very special about this kind of day. Our day had many particular aspects. One of them was that we had an amazing read aloud of a Coast Salish story in French and students volunteered their voices. Whether they wanted or not,  I changed their lives today by teaching your children about correct French pronunciation and ‘liaison’ between consonants and vowels. We will practice this particular skill extensively in the coming terms.

    An unfortunate event took place today during gym. During the ball-pin game, students singled out others, wishing for them to be out of the game and cheering loudly when they were. We had an open discussion about those decisions and actions. It is sad to see that some members of class choose to exclude when I am not teaching them. I am sure your child can fill you in with the rest of the conversation, and share with you what he/she has learned from it today.

    Snow has melted outside today, but not quite in our classroom. We made icicles and garlands yesterday. (Thank you to all the parents who helped cutting fabric circles).

    Friday will be an exciting day. This is how it will work: 1) We will eat in class. 2) We will leave school by 11.30am. 3) We will walk to the bus and take the number 14. 4) We will go to Robson Square where we will meet our Henry Hudson friends (we received a letter from them this morning!). *Please note that I have signed us on a School Program, therefore skating and rentals of helmet and skates are FREE :). 5) We will leave the rink around 2.00pm and aim to be back at school by 3.00pm.

    Friday is also the day when your child will receive his/her first term report card. Students will open their report at home, with you. Note that this is a picture of the abilities linked to the learning objectives that were covered this term. Remember that FM (fully meeting expectations) is a broad range between a C+ (good performance) to a B (a great performance). There are very few E (exceeding expectations) leading to an A (exceptional performance). In the first term of Grade 4, students became better acquainted to the expectations of intermediate years. Everyone is progressing and will continue to do so. The assessment period ended last week. We are already working based on the second term Learning Objectives.

    Lastly, JQ students collected enough turkey dollars to purchase 10 turkeys for the holiday dinner hosted by Kiwassa Neighbourhood House for the local families. The dinner is tonight. I am very proud of all the work Division 8 students put into this project. I will continue to collect turkey dollars and will play Mother Christmas to our JQ families in need.

    Update~ Monday December 9th

    Today we welcome Quentin, a UBC student-teacher who told us three amazing stories from the Shuswap Nation. It was the first time he was presenting his Peoples’ stories outside their territory. We are very fortunate. Students asked him interesting questions. We hope to see him again and to learn from him. His visit will inspire lots of original creative writing in the coming months!

    Today Melissa from Kiwassa Neighbourhood House came by to collect the turkey dollars. We were able to reach 548$ (12$ shy of our ultimate goal). Melissa was utterly grateful for all the work students have done. We will continue to collect turkey dollars until the holidays and will offer them to families in need. Thank you for your generosity.

    Update~ Sunday December 8th

    There will be no new spelling for the next two weeks. We are currently learning new vocabulary and are researching the meaning of French culinary verbs in another language (English, Japanese, Russian to name a few). Wonderful dictionary work was completed on Friday.

    All creative maps are hung on the poster board by the library. Students learned a lot about mapping while creating.

    Update~ Saturday December 7th

    This week, we continued to listen to different types of music and I shared this piece from one republic with the children. It illustrates how everything is possible with an instrument. Some children also new the cover-piece with 5 hands on a guitar ‘Somebody that I used to know’ from Gotye.

    I presented the well-known Louie Schwartzberg Ted talk ‘Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.’ to the children. It is worth watching again and again. We talked about Gratitute and about the difference between feeling happy and always wanting more. We also recorded voice messages for Mme Krystyna who has been assigned to Douglas school in January.  While I haven’t shown this last one with students, David Steindl-Rast says: ‘You want to be happy? Be grateful’.

    Congratulations to all the Strings players for their concerts on Thursday. We are really proud of you.

    Update~ Wednesday December 4th

    What a cold cold week we are having! Thank you for dressing your child warmly. We want them healthy until the last day of school of the year, Friday the 20th. December is a festive month, however in Division 8 we will continue to work hard and learn until the very last day. This is my way to be respectful to my school, my students, and myself.

    This week we are in card-making mode. You should see the amazing artwork students are creating. We are learning about the structure of recipes and playing around with ingredients. A lot of new vocabulary terms are being introduced for students less familiar with the culinary world. Times tables are being used daily. We are learning a ton of new strategies to help us solve various word problems requiring multiplications. We are also having a lot of fun with suffixes in English and reading ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’. The English brochures, the music art projects as well as the maps are now hung in the hallway. Come and have a look.

    Wonderful calmness during the Fire Drill, well done everyone. Tomorrow is the first Grade 4 Strings Concert in the gym at 1.30pm.

    Update~ Saturday November 30th

    I am happy it is the weekend because today I am voiceless again. I will stay quiet all weekend and hope for the return of my main teaching tool.

    The week started with map observations and ended with map creations. The students’ maps will be showcased in the hallway this week. Phenomenal creativity, mapping skills, and knowledge will be on display.

    Did you hear about Chef Cole’s visit on Friday? We had a live cooking show in room 302. Have a peek at the pictures to see students analyzing maps and our very special guest.

    Students are learning the times tables up to 12. In class, they are focused and are observing key patterns. They were supposed to play the ‘multiplifyer’ math game in the computer lab, but the whole VSB system was down on Thursday. If you have some spare time during this rainy weekend, you might want to visit this website to work on your times tables. When times tables are mastered, we will move on to divisions :).

    I would like to congratulate students for completing their English brochure on time. I am so proud of them for following through a task up to its completion (in the given time)! Also, during our Conseil de coopération presided by Zaynedeen, students discuss the importance to yet again, diminish the amount of English spoken in the classroom. They decided to increase the number of French Monitors from 2 to 6 and aim for a maximum of 10 English checkmarks a day. If they attain this goal for two days in a row, we will have a party. This sort of empowerment is at the heart of significant learning and I am happy to support their goal.

    Recipes. We are beginning our unit on healthy food and instructional writing and reading. Students were invited to bring in their favorite recipe (if this is not already done, please make sure your child remembers to bring it in by Monday). A lot of cooking will take place, particularly in the second term.

    On another note. By the end of November, when students tell me they don’t know what the spelling words are, it makes me sad. Every Sunday, I make sure to post the three lists along with a recording of the 30 words. This is a strategy to make sure that whether a child is not at school or forgot his/her red homework book, he/she can still practice them. By now, this strategy should be used. Becoming a responsible learner is important and it starts in Grade 4 if it hasn’t already started. Revision of weeks 7, 8, and 9 is this week. So a longer spelling célébration including the writing of Grade 4 sentences will take place on Friday. 

    Speaking of dates, make sure to follow our class calendar (on this blog). There are many special events happening in December. Due dates are also included on the calendar. Thank you all for reading the blog and for your support.

    Happy last day of November.

    Update~ Monday November 25th

    Thanks to Lindsay, we are fascinated with the Fibonacci Suite. :)

    This website illustrates some of the beauties found in nature.

    Today, we began thinking about the creation of a map. This will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of maps, grids, scales, and legends.

    Update~ Saturday November 23rd

    Fantastic week! Here it is in 10 points. Ask your child to add more details to these key words. Maybe a few pictures will help. We:

    1) created a stomach model.

    2) welcomed parents to our classroom + learning goals = thank you.

    3) revised countries from various perspectives (useful links can be found on the Sciences humaines tab.)

    4) celebrated our knowledge of additions and subtractions to thousands.

    5) created a second Matisse piece – a collage bookmark.

    6) practice behavior during Code Red.

    7) read aloud and discussed Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library.

    8) merged music and 2D/3D art : beautiful artwork was created.

    9) dealt with many issues during our Conseil de coopération.

    10) wrote an English paragraph: what is peace to me?

    Update~ Sunday November 17th

    During this gorgeous weekend, I felt winter sun. I surely hope you had the chance to go outside for a walk, a run, a bike ride, a paddle, a game and to breathe in the fresh air. A special short week with two early dismissals is at our door. Let’s make the best of it.

    In the past weeks when we thought of Rememberance Day, we took the time to think about the First Peoples who were here before us. We read ‘Solomon’s Tree’, marvellously written by Andrea Spalding and illustrated by Janet Wilson. “The Tsimpshian master-carver Victor Reece created this mask for the story Solomon’s Tree. Made from alder wood and carved with handmade tools, the face has the wide, high cheeks and deeply carved features typical of the Tsimpshian tradition.” This story reminded us to pay respect to the nature which surrounds us.

    On Friday we created a collage inspired by Henri Matisse’s Escargot. You will have the pleasure to appreciate the artwork hanging in our classroom this week when you come in for the Goal Setting Student-Led ConferencesSpeaking of which, click on ‘Goal Setting Schedule-Division 8‘ to see the schedule of your visit to Room 302.

    We also reviewed the countries and continents via food! Have a look at our map of the world with our hypothesis about where food comes from. It is very exciting to learn about family heritage and origins. Students proudly shared with the class where their loved ones are from and what the special foods they eat at home are. Food will be on our minds for the second semester…this is only the beginning! We are looking forward to our goal: reach enough points together to welcome at our school a good friend, Mathieu Gicquel owner of the food truck ‘Ze Bite’, to talk with us and make some crêpes  for us on Monday December 16th!.

    On Tuesday, there will be a célébration of additions, subtractions and estimation of numbers up to the thousands. Everyone has been working dutifully during our math sessions, which are now highly differentiated to cater to diverse learners.

    Scholastic Orders are due on Wednesday the 20th. Thank you Heather for helping out every month. Music students with Mme Eve must bring in an instrumental piece of their choice (a piece without words, since words are also part of the instrumentation of a composition) to create artwork in class from.

    There have been more and more kids pulled out of class during teaching time in the past weeks. While I understand appointments cannot always be scheduled after school hours, I would appreciate if you were extra careful to ask for times which would not interfere with your child’s learning time. As mentioned at the beginning of the school year, my teaching style is in the moment, therefore your child is not missing out on a worksheet but an experience. Thank you for your respect of our quality teaching/learning time.

    Update~ Thursday November 14th

    I really enjoyed today. We started with a run around the block followed by a game of ‘everybody’s it’. The sun was shining + the kids were healthy and happy =  a stupendous start to the day. Then, we listened to various classical composers. Mme Angèl put together a list to help us pay specific attention to the articulation, tempo, timbre, nuance of music (You can consult this list on our blog in the ‘Arts’ section under curriculum). Most students are very articulate when it comes to sharing what they hear and feel when listening to music. Special homework: music students with Mme Eve must find his/her own instrumental piece which will inspire a creative artwork (due next Thursday). Based on their comments, I am already excited about what they will come up with.

    Everyone recorded his/her reflexions on a Lit Circle character they felt was similar to them and one that inspired them. I am, once again, very impressed at how well everyone did. During the afternoon, serious discussions and reflexions took place about our next school goal. Ask your child what he/she chose. Everyone is looking forward to next Wednesday and Thursday, when parents/guardians will come in and students will take them around the classroom to better understand what we have been up to.

    A reminder that  ‘Adagio 1-Red folder’, which covers the math basics, is due tomorrow November 15th.

    Lastly, congratulations to every student in Division 8 for reading in French during the month of October. Are you curious to know how many minutes they read all together?    24,128 minutes – incredible!!! Let’s all continue to read for understanding and pleasure. Beyond the number of minutes, the comprehension of what is read is the most important.

    Peace starts with you~ Monday 11th

    Our dear friend Mme Annie launched a Peace mural project in October. In partnership with teacher-friends at French Immersion schools from around our school board, we contributed to this incredible video which she put together.

    Update~ Sunday November 10th

    During the Remembrance Assembly we supported our kindergarten buddies with a song. Thank you to all the students who sang, and played music for us during the assembly. Our mural video will shortly be updated for your great pleasure. Stay tuned!

    Update~ Saturday November 9th

    The official update is coming. In the meantime, this is the link to sign up for the Student-Led Goal Setting Conferences (Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st). Up to four families can sign up for the same time slot. Mme Eve is one of the stations to visit.

    Update~ Thursday November 7th

    Change to our schedule: tomorrow morning, we are welcoming Mr Mamédy in our class. Starting tomorrow, we will meet directly in the classroom on Fridays. Dictées will take place after lunch (Remember, this week is the revision of weeks 4, 5, and 6 + sentences ).

    Remembrance Day Assembly is at 11.00 am in the gym. Our ‘Peace’, part of a greater mural you will soon discover, is now hanging in the main entrance of our school. We are hoping other classes will join us to build an even larger mural.

    I have just received the news that we are not the winners of the Raise Above Plastic- one foot at the time artwork project. This is the piece that won: 

    Update~ Tuesday November 5th

    November began last Friday with Kalib’s harmonica performance. When you look at our pictures, you will also see students playing with their little buddies. On Monday, during Physical Activity, everyone played tag nicely. Students are learning to solve their own problems as they arise. Day after day, they are gaining independence and starting to trust in their own abilities.

    Many thanks to Emma’s grandmother, Leslie (Georgia), and Christiane (Carys) who came in to read with us on Monday. Our last official Lit. Circles meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 12th. Thank you for supporting your child on being prepared for this meeting.

    During our Remembrance Day Assembly this Friday at 11:00, we will be unveiling our meaningful ‘Peace’ wall, and singing with our little buddies a song written by Mme Campbell. You are most welcome to join us in the gym.

    Students are currently completing their official Haunted House-Room map. Speaking of which, I uploaded the video practice of the Haunted House (on the flickr link). Since last week, everyone is trying to complete their ‘Adagio 1-Red folder’, which covers the math basics and is due on November 15th. We have received a letter from our Henry Hudson penpals and began writing our responses today. We are striving to write Grade 4 sentences that form small paragraphs and not a shopping list (ask your child what this means!).

    Everyone is still under the Geronimo Stilton’s spell and we are enjoying the read-aloud we are in the midst of. Same goes for Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library. Today, Mme Katie presented The Three Questions based on a story by Leo Tolstoy. Do you know them? They are: When is the best time to do things?; Who is the most important one?; What is the right thing to do? I wonder if everyone remembers what the answers are to these meaningful questions…

    Update~ Thursday October 31th

    Joyeuse Halloween! Thank you to the three students who presented their instruments this morning and to everyone for joining in the Halloween dance. If you are curious to know what we danced on, you may visit this link. We also received Div. 3 students who performed for us, using their uniquely created instruments. It was inspiring to see their amazing instruments and fantastic beats.

    Our kindergarten buddies came in for a visit this morning. Have a look at the pictures to see students and teachers dressed up for Halloween.

    The Haunted House/Class was a success. I am so proud of everyone for their creativity, effort, and focus. We presented 12 times! Thank you to all of our visitors : students and teachers from Grade 3 to 5, parents, Mme Natalie, Mr Vital, Mme Magali, and to Mme Katie for being or official ‘tester’.  The video of my visit is not uploading at the moment, do not despair, I will find a solution soon.

    We ended our day with a constructive Conseil de coopération.

    Wishing everyone a safe evening and please, no candies or chips at school tomorrow or the weeks to come.

    Update~ Wednesday October 30th

    Our Haunted House is ready and we will be welcoming 4 divisions between recess and lunch tomorrow (11.10-12.05). If you are interested in coming, you too, are most welcome (it is short notice…we were not sure we would have anything to share until today!). I will also upload a film from my solo Haunted House visit later on this week.

    Students may come to school dressed up tomorrow. I am expecting everyone to be on their best behavior. It is an exciting day; it is also a learning day. Thank you for reminding your child before he/she leaves home.

    Update~ Tuesday October 29th

    We did it! 5 original pieces were created today using the trash easily found on our school grounds. They are all posted outside our classroom and have been submitted to the Surfrider Foundation in honour of the Raise Above Plastic Month. Have a peek:

    Update~ Monday October 28th

    Thank you to Lynn, Chantal, Colleen, and Leslie who came in to read with us today. Almost everyone was ready to present their task today. Ask your child if he/she was ready! This coming Wednesday, I will be collecting all student work (i.e. three fully completed tasks + three completed self-evaluations). Thank you for reminding your child to bring his/her document to school that day.

    Drop Everything And Read was a success. I do not believe I have been in a full school before surrounded by all this calmness. It was rather peaceful.

    Tonight, the students went home with a special homework: using your French week 6 spelling words, write at least 5 sentences using the words creatively. It is to be handed in on Friday.

    Two Successes to share: 1) we did a pre-célébration de mathématiques today and everyone feels confident for tomorrow’s formal célébration; 2) we just broke our personal record with 12 Oral French speaking ‘super stars’ in our class and a mere 71 English interventions (we are far away from the 700s we had in September!!!

    Update~ Saturday October 26th

    I forgot to mention that this year again, I showed this clip to my music students. Food for thoughts (and thanks to Shannon for also sharing it with us!).

    This is a brief brainstorm of what music is to 20 Division 8 students :

    Update~ Friday October 25th

    Ten favorite events in no particular order:

    1) Meeting Geronimo Stilton and sitting in the front three rows;

    2) Taking over the hallway and speaking in French while working on our life sized posters in science;

    3) Planning the Haunted House in collaborative teams;

    4) Visualizing characters from Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library;

    5) Chantal, Ron, Heather, and Tamara who came in on Monday and read with us. It was wonderful having you in;

    6) Sarah (Cameron’s mom) and her amazing presentation on bones;

    7) Alison, Shannon, Kleanza, Tamara, Rob, Tammy, and Bonnie for driving us to and from Granville Island. We would not have been able to attend without your help. Thank you!;

    8) Gaining confidence and independence while doing math;

    9) Dancing our hearts out during the musical discovery lesson;

    10) Building our recycled Gratitude tree.

    Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, have a look at this week’s pictures.

    What’s coming:

    1) Bike to Work Week -all week long;

    2) Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) -Monday at the same time as our Lit Circles. Note to the parent volunteers, do bring in a book to enjoy;

    3) Lit Circles and Tasks due Monday;

    4) Pedestrian/Halloween safety walk with Constable Greg Bismeyer on  Monday morning;

    5) Picture retakes on Monday;

    6) Math Celebration on rounding on Tuesday;

    7) Dress up and participation in our Halloween Haunted House -Thursday.

    Update~ Saturday October 19th

    What a gorgeous foggy week we had! It is clearly setting the tone for Halloween. This week we will begin planning for our classroom’s haunted house. If you have extra supplies at home you are not using, feel free to send them our way!

    Thank you to Leslie (Georgia’s mum) who came in and helped us during our first Lit Circles meet. I had the chance to walk around from one group to the next and listen to students’ comments: “Those were good questions you asked …”, “It reminded me of…”, “I chose those words because they gave suspense and  good description to the text”.  Students are already developing greater understanding of Gear’s reading powers (connect, visualize, question, infer, transform). Many parents will be coming in on Monday around 11.00am for more reporting on tasks and fun discussions.
    *In order for Lit Circles to be successful, students must remember to read their assigned pages and fulfill their new task by Monday.

    We had a few in-class artists presentations and learned from Kai about a good website to consult to learn how to draw. Thanks to Zaynedeen who gave a short presentation about the celebration of Eid al-Adha, and offered a home made brownie to each of us.

    I had the chance to witness a great soccer match  on Thursday morning; I was impressed with how well everyone was playing and how respectful of the rules they all were. Ask your child what other activities we do to stay fit inside and outside the classroom.

    The music presentations continued as you can see from the pictures. There was even a few bands who were formed. Students worked with their kindergarten buddies for the second time on Friday. The scientific discussions around human body systems never seem to cease in our class :). There were lots of questions in regards to the reproductive system, even though this was not on the menu. It is possible your child will continue to have questions as the weeks go by. Support his/her inquisitive and encourage him/her to seek understanding and answers to his/her questions by conducting his/her own research on the subject.

    Amazing progress is being seen in our class in relation to behavior/self-regulation and Oral French. Congratulations to Alexi, Emily, Kalib, Laura, and Sydney who participated in the Final Cross-Country meet at Trout Lake last Thursday.  Thank you to Gwyn who was our Conseil de Coopération president and to Melia and Laura who were the Radio JQ monitors.

    We have a very busy coming week, for that reason, there will be NO dictée or spelling, and no math’s challenge (we are still working really hard on understanding rounding in class). Students will receive an Halloween French reading document to work on. On Thursday, we will have an early lunch in the classroom allowing us to depart on time for our Geronimo Stilton‘s encounter on Granville Island. We are aiming to leave JQ with our kind parent-drivers around 12.10pm. This is very exciting!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    Update~ Monday October 14th

    Last week was filled with variety. Many students presented their very own musical instrument, and everyone acted out their skit from a chapter of the book ‘Le Petit Nicolas’. When you see the pictures, you will find them hectic. Rest assured, they are a fair representation of what is happening in the books. Ask your child to tell you more about each chapter.

    The first Lit Circle meetings will take place tomorrow. Each student had pages to read and a task to fulfill. Here is the Lit Circles Tasks  that students will be filling in. The students did a wonderful job writing poetry this week. They were inspired by talented poets and the results are flamboyant. A booklet will be posted when all final drafts are completed.

    In math, students are studying number value up to the ten thousands as well as rounding up numbers to the tens, hundreds and thousands. Rounding is not an easy skill to learn. Ask your child to describe the lesson to you to see what he/she retained from it.

    We also extended our repertoire of yoga postures and our Mindfulness practice. On Friday, we did a Mindful smelling, feeling and observing of fall leaves. We then sketched their details. The results are up on the board by our classroom.     

    The students are continuing to expand their research skills and deepen their knowledge of the human body systems. Here is a link that may be of interest to support their learning.

    We continue to hold a weekly “Conseil de coopération” where we seek to create constructive, and positive change in our learning environment. I am very impressed with how students are becoming more able to use constructive feedback when discussing an issue or a piece of work.

    Lastly,  in the month of September, Division 8 students read 16,262 min in French. Congratulations to the happy readers.

    Update~ Friday October 11th

    Poetry in action: see for yourself. (pictures). They will be published soon…

    Update~ Monday October 7th

    Fantastic day. The literacy circles books and the participants’ tasks have been unveiled. Have a look at the power point if you are curious. Lit Circle 2013 Our new whole class read is ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’.

    We had an interesting discussion about the science behind sleeping and waking up and what are the bodily functions involved at those times.

    Update~ Saturday October 5th

    October is the month of Gratitude at our school: Why practice gratitude?

    This is Lucy McElroy’s explanation: ‘Gratitude is a simple practice that is directly linked to the increase of happiness and fulfillment levels.  Studies show that happier people are healthier. Students can develop and foster healthier relationships and increase their levels of focus and concentration.’ We began this week by writing grateful messages for Mme Krystyna (thank you PAC for this project).
    We have also discussed how it is important to recognize what we have now, instead of always wanting more (a concrete example was when Friday morning, students played Camouflage during A.P. (activité physique) and some students wanted to change the rules, wanted to play another game, wanted, wanted, wanted… ). So we took a pause and I reminded them of the importance to be happy with the chance we had: it was a clear day, we were in a fine mood, we had the opportunity to play a game involving running and hiding outdoors. So gratitude will be on our lips this coming month and hopefully, for months and years to come. :)

    In technology, students finished typing their descriptive French write up of ‘My summer’. Some also had the chance to visit Brainpop, an informative website with short clips in French, English, and Spanish. The focus was to obtain more information for the science project everyone is working on. (The permanent link to Brainpop is on the Science tab for your convenience). Speaking of science, have a look at the most recent pictures of our human systems research process. Students are learning how to cite their sources and how to find accurate information. Pictures

    Well done on everyone’s participation in the Terry Fox Run. Mme Toone asked for all donations to be back in the office by Monday. Thank you. This week, our Conseil de coopération was led by Emma. Many solutions to problems were put forward, one being that everyone would stand up when someone is being name-called, or treated unfairly. Students decided that prior to involving adults, they wanted to try to be a stronger voice, all together. This comes in when there are various difficulties on the playground, one being the confusion with game rules and the other cases of exclusion of friends. We will continue to discuss the matter in class and seek improvements of these issues.

    We are also working together to have a neater and calmer classroom, using points to reach our goal of building a classroom haunted house. Walking silently up and down the stairs without disturbing other classes is also a challenge, therefore we decided to also track our progress concretely and to celebrate with a crazy hair/pyjama day once we have reached 150 points. Our SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals are sources of motivation so far.  One step at the time, division 8 is walking in the right direction.

    On the math front, students were successful at identifying patterns and equalities during this week’s célébration. This coming Wednesday, there will be a célébration on equalities involving subtractions. Students completed writing letters introducing themselves to their penpals and some began writing English poetry. All original poems that are inspiring us will soon be hosted in the Arts Langagiers tab of this blog.

    Next week, we will begin official Literacy Circles. Many parents expressed their interest in helping us in the classroom. We will have 6 groups reading 6 different books. Our Lit. Circles will take place on Mondays between 10.55 and 12.10 (October 21st, October 28th, November 4th). Mme Katie (our teacher-librarian) and myself will be able to rove between groups, while a parent leader will help mediate and support children’s discussions. If you are available, you may write a note in your child’s agenda or send an email via Heather. More information in the Lit. Circles format will be provided to parent helpers. Thank you.

    Lastly, wonderful instruments are being built in our classroom. The creativity and focus of students is impressive. This coming Thursday, a few students will be ready to present their instrument to the class and may be able to form a small band. We shall see.

    Happy weekend.

    Update~Sunday September 29th

    Dear students,

    I hope you had a great weekend. I came to Saltspring island to participate in the annual Apple Festival. It was interesting to see the many varieties. Did you know there are more than 350 varieties of apples that grow on the island? Unfortunately, the weather is keeping the ferries from running, so I will not be able to make it back to Vancouver tonight.

    Remember to wear comfortable sneakers tomorrow, enjoy your run, and don’t forget to count your laps. My friends and I will also be running tomorrow in tribute to Terry Fox.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday,

    Mme Eve

    Update~Thursday September 26th

    This week JQ had its first fire drill. Division 8 students’ understood the seriousness of the fire alarm and quietly and quickly walked to the safe meeting point. I am really happy to see that everyone knows the importance of remaining calm even in the event of an emergency (or of a drill).

    Congratulations to Alexi, Laura, Sydney, and Emily who participated in the Cross-Country meet on Tuesday. Speaking of running, everyone must come to school dressed to run and walk comfortably for 30 to 45 min on Monday for our Terry Fox Run. We will meet in the classroom and make it to the field together.

    Our science week was exciting and we labeled the human body inside and out. There were few giggles, but nevertheless we are working towards gaining a greater maturity in order to begin our study of human body systems!

    Students completed “little life’s equations” in words and drawings. They are hanging outside our door, come and have a look at them. They also began drafting a letter introducing themselves to their ‘penpal’. Our Le Petit Nicolas skits are gently coming along. This project is particularly exciting so we consume it in small doses! Students furiously typed their summer on the computer. Most students have had years of training on Taptouche or other typing programs, so I will not teach the correct form of typing again. Nevertheless, I have created an account for each student on Taptouche. Visit the technology tab in the curriculum section to gain access. In English LA we are halfway through reading Love that Dog and writing our very own set of Madlibs. Soon, students will begin writing their own English poetry.

    Next week spelling is a revision of our three previous weeks. Students must practice spelling all those words and check for understanding. They will be asked to write a minimum of three French and three English sentences to demonstrate their comprehension of the selected words.

    Our first math célébration of knowledge will take place this coming Wednesday. I will formally assess that students can identify and create patterns (+5, +5, +5; repetitive suite, -5, -4, -3, -1; etc.) and are able to explain and apply the concept of equality (5 + 6 = 10 + 1). We have been studying patterns and simple additions since the beginning of the year, so this celebration comes in when students are confident with the skills.  Célébrations are usually short and to the point.

    During music, students explored sounds and began conceptualizing their own instruments. They might look around your house for some materials. They know they are in charge of the building, but nevertheless, if you are providing help, it would be important to write me a note so that I know how you helped your child. We wrote our assessment criteria together for the three phases of this project: conceptualizing, creating, and performing.

    So many more important moments took place this week… Learning patience and compassion with tablemates; speaking up when upset though using a non-accusatory voice; being respectful by arriving in class on time and by paying attention to whomever is the speaker. Many thanks to Lindsay and Laura who were fantastic Radio JQ announcers and to Anik who volunteered to be the very first Conseil de coopération president. His voice was calm, he was respectful to everyone and made sure to give everyone time to discuss.

    Note: there are other items added to the blog directly in the subject tabs or as posts, have a look! Have a great 3-day weekend.


    Parent drivers needed on Thursday October 24th

    I successfully booked us a meeting en français, with Geronimo Stilton at the Writers Fest on Thursday October 24th. I would like to know if there are parent drivers available to take us to Granville Island and back to JQ that day.

    Departure time from JQ: 12.15p m
    Departure time from Granville Island: 2:30pm

    Based on the responses in your child’s agenda, note or via our wonderful parent rep Heather, I will be able to prepare the official field study permission including the appropriate mean of transportation.

    Thank you for your support!

    Update~Tuesday September 24th

    We began discovering French expressions. Yesterday’s was: Ce n’est pas la mer à boire.

    We also talked about : Être assis en rang d’oignons; Descends de tes grands chevaux et Ne monte pas sur tes grands chevaux.

    Today, our expression was a Swiss-Vaudois one: Il n’y a pas le feu au lac.

    Ask your child what the learned expressions mean :)

    Update~Friday September 19th

    Did you know that Division 8 students are in charge of Radio JQ?  Max and Alex were the brave first two students in charge. Last week, Kaoru and Kai were stellar announcers followed brilliantly by Emily and Emma. Way to go Division 8; the whole school is now well-informed and everyone is impressed with the quality of your pronunciation.

    Many parents may have had the chance to read the students’ French poems. If you didn’t have the opportunity, here are 90% of them. The rest will soon be added to the collection (authors are finalizing their work). New Poems 2013. Other Literacy news: Everyone wrote 10 creative sentences inspired by this week’s spelling words. They also began to plan a skit based on one of the three “Le Petit Nicolas” stories read in class (this drama work will continue next week). We read “this plus that life’s little equations” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, which will inspire next week’s creative writing.

    Well done on participating in our first Conseil de coopération. This week, I acted as the president to model what this role was about. During the Conseil de coopération, we shared congratulations, attempted to solve problems and discussed issues and ideas. Everyone sat in the large circle and practiced active listening and/or spoke to the group. Wonderful comments, decisions and positive/creative suggestions to solve problems were formulated. I am hoping the suggestions will help resolve the playground problems brought to the group. I am grateful to everyone who acted respectfully during the Conseil the coopération. I cannot wait for next week’s, where a student volunteer will be leading the group.

    During this week’s Meet the teacher night, I provided you with 4 different documents. Could you please returned the filled in EFS Gr4-5 Questionnaire (executive functioning skills), and questionnaire_parents2013 (introducing your child), at school when you have the chance? This will allow me to know your child better and more quickly. I  have attached copies of them both for your convenience.

    I will shortly add a technology page to this blog, including the access to Taptouche. I must first create 30 accounts before students can use it, but it will be there sometime during the weekend.

    While some friends went to their first school Strings class, others experimented with sounds and rythyms. They listened, reproduced and then created rythyms with claves. A wonderful start to a very musical year. I presented this video to students, giving them the informal homework to find and share a sound discovered at home. Oscar Hammerstein once said that “all sounds of the earth are like music”… we shall see, I mean hear!

    We discussed compasses as well as various types and usages of maps this week. We also learned about degrees and directions. You may want to play at home, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise and see if you are aiming to the North-East or to the South-West. Have a look at the pictures from this afternoon’s full body action sketching (science/art). Exciting discoveries of the human bodies are to be expected.

    Lastly, with September seems to come head lice. Please have a look at your children’s heads and monitor for a few days. A great prevention trick is to mix a drop of Tea Tree essential oil every few days to the conditioner. There will be no smell AND no lice. Good luck, I will also have my hair checked tonight-my poor husband.

    Update~Tuesday September 16th

    Today we took science out of the classroom. Students had to accomplish 5 different actions and observed how their bodies were reacting to them. They wrote their observations down. This is the introduction to systems in the human body science unit.  Ask your child which actions he/she performed.

    While I believe learning should be fun, I also believe that behavior should be regulated. Many students are showcasing positive learning habits by paying attention, being focused and being involved in the lessons, however some students are not yet paying sufficient attention.  In order to support the learning of all students, positive learning habits will be encouraged and we will work on reducing disruptive behavior.

    Have a look at our science-in-action hour! (photostream)

    Update~Friday September 13th

    We successfully completed our first five-day week of the school year. Amazing work from the class. Students generously shared in their Mad Libs and we had some great laughs. We began reading the amazing book ‘Love That Dog’ written by Sharon Creech and then discussed poetry and its roles. Speaking of which, everyone wrote their first poem of the year inspired by the poem ‘Rouge’ by Marie-Hélène Mondou (found on the French curriculum page). Most students are currently adding the finishing touches to their good copy (you should be able to read them all on Wednesday when you come to visit our classroom).

    Students were taught how to self-edit and find their own mistakes in a text. This will be a key skill that they will work on during the whole school year. In socials, students focused on their geographic knowledge, associating countries to continents. They used atlases to map out oceans, countries, continents, adding a compass and a specific legend to their map.

    A first collective art piece inspired by Richard Long’s ‘Mud Hands’ was done by all students at the beginning of the week. Come and admire it by our classroom door. Since students are working on patterns and repetitions in math, we began an art project based on beautiful iranian tiles. They should also be completed by Wednesday.

    Lastly, everyone was a spectacular big buddy this week as we help facilitating the progressive entry to kindergarten to our little buddies. I am really impressed with all the games that were played and all the care offered to the little ones. This is truly how we build a community.

    Well done on a tiring first week. Have a restful weekend everyone!

    Have a look at the pictures in the following gallery

    Mme Eve

    A quick note ~Wednesday September 11th

    Yesterday, students brought home the following letter to all parents/guardians (lettre_info_sept2013-14).

    A quick reminder that students must read a minimum of 30 min in French four times a week and write it down in their green Club de lecture duotang. This week, spelling words in French and English were given. They can be found in your child’s red cahier de devoirs as well as on the post called Dictée & Spelling 1 (dictée is on Friday). A recording of ‘Mme Eve virtuelle’ can be heard to support French dictée practice. Lastly, the math’s homework is due on Friday.

    Thank you for your help and support. I am looking forward to meeting parents I have not yet had the chance to meet next Wednesday during JQ’s Meet the Teacher night.

    Update ~Saturday September 7th

    The first week of school has come and gone. Students have already written their first French descriptive piece, completed a French oral questionnaire, and a mental math celebration. We also began revision of basic math skills and enhanced their motor skills by reviewing cursive writing. The students created a name tag for their desk and went on a school rally to discover the secret phrase: Vive la division 8!

    We also focused on respectful manners. The class rules (regles de vie 2013) went home this week for your child and you to sign. Being respectful to self, others (teacher, students, and all), as well as to our surroundings will be in the forefront this year. Most students are already successful at active listening! Unfortunately, for a few this first week was a transition as they continued speaking – in English – to their classmates while I was addressing the class. Please note that this sort of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in the coming weeks. You may want to discuss with your child how his or her week went in this regard.

    Lastly, Oral French is not only part of our school growth plan, it is also the heart of the French Immersion Program. Starting next week, French monitors will make sure all students are focused on speaking French at all times (aside from English lessons) in the classroom.

    It was refreshing to meet everyone this week, including parents. I am looking forward to getting to know them all as the weeks unfold. Here is to a wonderful Grade 4 year.

    P.S.: PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Library Exchange on Tuesdays

    Update ~Wednesday September 4th

    Today we have made our aquaintances! Division 8-2013 is made up of  30 students – 16 boys, 14 girls, and a teacher: Mme Eve. Today we played a ‘noun/adjective’ ball game, we labeled our school furniture, set up class rules, played verb mimes and selected a French book for silent reading.

    We read and discussed a fabulous new book from the Mexican author Gabriela Olmos, which expresses hope for children living under difficult situations.

    The following supplies’ list was sent home today. If you have any questions, see with your child or come see me.  supplies_parents_2013

    La rentrée ~Tuesday September 3rd

    During this morning’s successful hour all wrote a 30 words slam inspired poem about their summer. Most students agreed to share their writing with the class while others chose to express their hello to all. Mon coup de coeur: Everyone remembered how to practice mindfulness :).

    It was lovely seeing all those familiar smiles through this morning’s wetness.

    Ready ready ready ~Monday September 2nd

    Every details covered. I am only missing my students :)

    Our new JQ code of conduct: S-U-P-E-R






    À demain tout le monde.

    Preparation for School year 2013-2014 ~Wednesday August 28th

    Yesterday I went back to room 302 and started preparing for the coming school year. It is already this time. Oh la la!

    I am looking forward to seeing all of my Division 8 graduates on Tuesday morning and spend a stupendous hour together. We will be together again on Wednesday morning, attend the welcoming assembly, and after recess, all of you will be moving on to your grade 5 class.

    Mme Eve recommends you: enjoy this week, exercise, drink water, pick up a French book if you haven’t read over the summer, call or visit a friend and chat in French, but most important, rest: begin going to bed and waking up at a reasonable hour so that you show up to school with a smile on your face.

    Note: if any of you come across a few beautiful ‘tomato’ box/drawer, it would be fabulous. We are still short of a few from last year (even though some families gave us many boxes, some students did not bring a new one in). Thank you.

    À mardi les amis, j’ai hâte de vous revoir. :)

    Mme Eve


    This morning~Thursday July 11th

    Good news for Mindfulness: If you have a minute, you can watch this short video which mentions research that supports yet again, Mindfulness as being beneficial to our health.

    Did you know that today is the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics BC Summer Games? Join us (my husband and I + thousands of people) to celebrate the ability, the strength, and exemplary sportsmanship of all athletes. Next summer, UBC is one of the main host of the 2014 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games. Find more information here (guess who is volunteering to do the French translation…?)

    This morning~Sunday July 7th

    I thought you would enjoy this TedTalk about the Key to success:


    It surely ties in with our year. This article also supports what I attempted to do this year.

    Update~Wednesday June 26th

    No rain for our last outing! Thank you Nicole for the extra special waterproof paper, thank you Vanessa, Francesca, Julee, and Alex for being our team leaders this morning. Everyone took 27 pictures, and prepared their poster today. All cameras are in and pictures will be received in an hour. Tomorrow, we will finalized our posters.

    Today was not different to any other day: we worked well in grammar, math, and during our collaborative project. A special thank you to Jake and Terry who really stepped up in helping Mme Eve keeping the classroom tidy and organized.


    Un dernier dodo et c’est la fin de la 4e année. Can you believe it? I surely can.

    Our yearbooks will be in tomorrow…. thanks to the two binding fairies (Leland and Kate’s moms) who worked hard all afternoon. The school’s last assembly is tomorrow at 9.30am. Please note that school is in session until 3pm, we will need all this time together.

    Merci,  Mme Eve who is not yet ready to let her wonderful learners go.

    Update~Monday June 24th

    C’est la Saint-Jean-Baptiste pour Mme Eve!

    Way to be flexible everyone and having a successful outing. Thank you to all the parents who helped me communicate the information to as many families as possible. I am very sorry we missed a few, this was a frantic effort.

    Oh well it rained, it did stop us from biking but it surely didn’t stop us from having fun. And come to think of it, we were fortunate in not having rain for any field study, including Squamish this year. Thank you to Anke, Julee, Stephanie, Nicole, Lynda, Vanessa, and Jordan who came with us.


    It is now every students’ turn to stay connected to their French Immersion friend from Henry Hudson.

    Update~Sunday June 23rd

    Attached is a document that helps putting all the pieces of the letters of the report card together. On page 4, I wrote a summary of it all.

    Understanding letter grades

    Students need to remember their bikes, lunches, blindfolds, and to wear appropriate bike clothing and layers. À demain!

    Update~Saturday June 22nd

    A few pictures from Sports Day. I was assigned a station, so I did not follow Div 8 all morning. Great sportsmanship on our part and brilliant effort to speak French in the sea of English.


    During the weekend I will post a note explaining again what the letter grades truly mean, since they had when us grown-ups were in elementary school and are also different to University grades. Stay tune!

    Update~Thursday June 20th

    Gratitude was today’s theme. I am extremely grateful to the wonderful parents of Division 8. Thank you for all the support I received throughout the year, and for the succulent treats you offered me for lunch. I am touched by your thoughtfulness.

    Today, we had discussions about being grateful, being present, being kind, being generous, being open to others…. We also watched the amazing Louie Schwartzberg Ted Talk on gratitude and listened to a Just Jack song called The Day I Died. With our discussions in mind and this new kind of inspiration, students set off to write about what they felt grateful for. I think I will hang on to those until they are in Grade 7, to see if in 3 years time they are still remembering to be grateful.

    Amazing work from the 5 teams who presented their Activité d’Éveil aux langues today.

    In the midst of all this we said goodbye to Mme McTavish who is retiring this year. We thanked her for teaching us about Empathy and conducting the Roots of Empathy program at our school.


    Update~Wednesday June 19th

    This week is a fun-filled one. Students are measuring perimeters and areas, conjugating verbs, and reflecting upon the lives of First Nations and Japanese Canadian kids from the past (based on Lesley McKnight-Vancouver Kids book).

    We have spent our last big buddies session with our kindergarten friends and have visited the Ancient Civilizations Fair in Mme Caroline’s grade 6/7 class.

    Today was the first day of presentations of our Creative Activités d’Éveil. All three teams did a fabulous job. We are looking forward to the rest of the presentations tomorrow.


    Update~Tuesday June 18th

    The CD for Rhea including 8 songs will be released tomorrow. Congrats to the Thursday morning singers. I am proud of you.

    Hello Baby Rhea

    Itsty-bitsy spider

    Sur le dos d’un papillon

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    J’aime les pommes et les bananes

    Baby Beluga

    A Moose in a Maple Tree

    Goodbye Rhea

    Thank you~Sunday June 16th

    I would like to thank Vanessa, Lynda, Cathy, and Liisa for making baby Rhea and Joey’s last visit to JQ extra special. Delicious treats, thank you.

    Also, did you know that our very own Mme McTavish is retiring at the end of this school year?

    Update~Saturday June 15th

    We had a very exciting week with Grace’s micro-greens, Emily’s brothers (thank you Cathy), skits and expressions, challenging yoga practice, california kickball, hilarious improvisation, celebration on fractions and decimals, creative work on Language Awareness, goodbye to Rhea, visit of 3 politicians, and the recording of 28 voices! What an amazing crew this First Planet D 8/La première planète D 8…

    pictures and movies

    Update~Tuesday June 11th

    Today Brandi came in and talked to us about health science (sex. ed.). Fantastic listening and participation. Also, many teams presented their dialogue containing French expressions…. have a look!

    French Expressions Dialogues

    Update~Monday June 10th

    Last week, students completed the final touches in our yearbook. It is now in the final editing and designing phases. Tremendous effort on all fronts Division 8, way to go. It will be quite a treat to see the final product.

    While our friends were savouring their second to last strings’ class, after A.P., we learned how to do ‘improvisation’. The categories, themes, and styles were explained and two teams were formed. I was blown away by the ease with which students jumped right into the activity. They were so strong that I introduced 5 different styles to them. At the end of the session, they wrote their own theme, which we will have fun improvising on this coming Thursday.

    During our Lit Circles, we enquired about character’ traits and there was a lot of active learning and discussing (the pictures speak for themselves). Here is a long list that inspired Mme Celia when she built the list we used.  character traits There will be two assessments done on the Roald Dahl author study this coming Thursday. See the blog post on it.

    Mindful artwork was also on the menu. Everyone went outside and drew a paint chip. They all looked at their surroundings and drew what they saw was the closest to their colours. The final artwork is almost ready to be shared. In the meantime, you can come up to the third floor and read the French Literary Posters and observe our Imagine pieces… they will take you on a journey.


    During our Language Awareness activities, we learned to greet in 15 different languages. We then built a die to practice saying the various greetings aloud. We also had a mind-boggling discussion about what could be done if languages disappeared, as was the case in the story Le voleur de mots.

    In math, we worked hard on fractions today. There will be a short celebration of fractions and decimals on Thursday. Saleema Noon is talking to us tomorrow at 11:00.

    Update~Tuesday June 4th

    Mindfulness will be in full swing for the month of June. We found out how our energy differs with the weather and with special events -for example with older siblings expecting Quebec billets to arrive. Thank you for supporting your kids in going to bed at a regular hour since many mentionned being tired lately. The last stretch is already here and quality learning is on the menu. Smiles and laughter are also on the menu. This is the advert that made us smile today.

    This year, we were fortunate to receive 28 boxes for our desks. Julee (Ryden’s mom) measured the desks and brought two sample boxes, tested them out, and ordered 28 from the local supermarket. These amazing ‘drawers’ have helped us keep our desks more organized and facilitate movement within the classroom. They have also prevented curious hands from going inside our desks. Unfortunately, many students have not been respectful of these resources. Graffiti and punctures can be found all over the boxes. Each student is required to provide, before the end of the school year, a new box if his/hers is damaged. Thank you to the students who have already brought in their new box.


    Fantastic math inquiry took place this morning, from Grace’s question: is a square a rectangle? Students were engaged and their group discussions were inflamed. Who would have thought we could move so quickly between French expressions to mathematical inquiry?

    01 Word of Week, _carré_, 25_09_11

    During Lit Circles, we are focusing on character traits. Students collaborated to sort traits into 5 great categories. Many new adjectives were discovered. Thank you Mme Celia for all the material you provided us with.

    We are deepening our study of fractions by bridging fractions and decimals. We are moving along rather well, so students should expect a celebration toward the beginning of next week. They are all eager to jump into geometry (after our square and rectangle discussion).

    Last item: PENCILS… could you make sure your child comes to school with pencils? At the beginning of the year, they each received a box. At this point in the year, many students are writing with ink pens with cannot be erased. Pens make it hard to keep a neat workbook and make editing challenging (our big focus this term). Thank you for your support in this matter.

    Mini-Update~Monday June 3rd

    Our micro-greens are growing, and we are hoping to taste them very soon. Did you know there will be a fair on June 12th? See the poster! JQ_Micro_Poster_11x14

    Longer Update, as promised~Thursday May 30th

    While many of our friends were participating in the Track and Field meet, others were playing the viola, the violin and the cello. This left 12 of us to work on emotions and drama. So we walked into the woods and began with a nature mindfulness session. We then worked on pride, sadness, worry, bravery, and panic — the emotions found in the play FIRE. We then rehearsed with emotions and presented in the woods. Have a look at the pictures.


    Fantastic ‘flex’ working session today. I was really impressed to see students completing their French Poster (due tomorrow), their Imagine art piece and working on final copies of their letter for their penpals (due tomorrow). It was calm and productive, the perfect work environment.

    The afternoon was filled with focused yearbook work and wiki tasks. Speaking of wiki, all students are invited to revisit their entries and to improve them. This is the amazing aspect of a wiki: it is a working document that is never closed. All family members can read it and support student learning and efforts.

    Back to our day.  We then completed a personality test and had our Lit Circles meeting… which was interrupted by a false fire alarm (I have confirmed this information with Mme Krystyna). Well done everyone on your hard work and calm, another commendable day!

    All students interested in participating in the ‘JQ’s got talent’ must fill in a sign-up sheet. Some are available on the cork board by the classroom door, more to be found by Mme Toone’s office.

    Tomorrow is the last ‘official’ bike to school day, keep up the great effort everyone and hopefully we can continue this positive commute to school until the end of the school year. Did you know June is bike month.

    Mini-Update~Thursday May 30th

    In order to better understand the questions we need to ask about the Roald Dahl characters and their traits, we did a personality test today. Unfortunately, many computers crashed towards the end, preventing students from seeing their results. If you wish to try the test again at home, follow this link: personality test .

    A longer update will come later. Mais chose promise, chose dûe, le lien pour le test est sur le blog! À plus tard.

    Update~Tuesday May 28th

    Despite the poor weather, 12 of us were able to come by wheels or foot to school today. Let us hope tomorrow is more favourable to crank up our number to the 16 we had on Monday.

    We have read 137 Roald Dahl’s books and completed at least 2 reading power tasks for each book. That is a lot of thoughtful reading and responding. Way to go Division 8! Only three more weeks of Roald Dahl love in Grade 4.

    1/4 of our class French posters are completed. Friday, they will all be presented to the rest of the class. We will then make a reading list, recommending good books to the Grade 3s coming up.

    Today was a fantastically focused math’s period. We are becoming better at problem solving and helping one another. Next Monday, we will have a celebration of our understanding of fractions.

    In our FRIENDS program we are discussing emotions and their impact on our life. In French LA, we are learning more about expressions. Do you know about the podcast C’est la vie? Ask your child to tell you more about it.

    We listened to this one today: 01 _Jamais_, 30_09_12

    Update~Friday May 24th

    Students have worked diligently on our Yearbook project as well as on the individual French poster. Our wiki is becoming richer and richer as the days fly by. This learning tool allows all students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Roald Dahl, improve their Reading Powers, and stretch their thinking as readers. A gold star to the students who completed ALL their required tasks and handed-in their work document on time.

    Mme Eve and Ben planted the class’ micro-greens today. Everyone is hoping they will grow. Our growing experience has had ups and downs since only Angus’ tomato is still growing. Even though our bonsaï Ito San came back to life, we have lost two plants so far this year. Only time will tell.

    Thank you to Mme Marisol, Mme Campbell, Mme Dominique, their students, and the parents who came to our play on Thursday. We are now working on ‘Fire’, and will learn the importance of expression when acting.

    Our strings program friends performed on Thursday. They have made tremendous improvements and we are very proud of all their hard work.

    We are extremely grateful to receive Lynda’s expertise twice a week. Everyone cheers when she walks into the room. She inspires us to thrive in our writing and editing skills. Thank you!

    You can visit the math page of this blog to find numerous fraction games. This week, we covered irreductible and equivalent fractions as well as fractions of numbers. A celebration will most likely take place toward the end of next week.

    Today, we had to practice walking quietly in the hallways… for a long time. Spring has sprung and it appears the overall energy has too. Nevertheless, we have a lot more to accomplish prior to the end of the year and good student habits need to be present. All students must come to school ready and willing to learn (after all, a green contract on the matter was signed at the beginning of the year). Arrival on time (morning, recess, and lunch), mandatory French reading-30 min at least 4 times a week, agenda and club de lecture signed, all handouts returned in time, focused and respectful work, etc., are all part of positive learning skills. Self-regulation was on everybody’s lips this week for a good reason: many students in Division 8 are still struggling with self-control. While we have stellar examples of self-regulation, this is not an Executive Functioning Skill that has yet been mastered by all.

    Rest assured, Mme Eve will continue to maintain clear boundaries, allowing students to reach their potential in all aspects until the end of the school year.

    Did you know that our new favourite word is kerfuffle? Guess who spelled it correctly without studying it?

    new photos

    It’s Bike to School/Work week on Monday. Try to use non-polluting wheels or your running shoes if possible :D.

    Update~Wednesday May 22nd

    Il fait bon être de retour chez soi, avec mes beaux élèves de la Division 8, vous m’avez beaucoup manqué!

    I am really proud of the excellent work done with Mr Olivier. Everyone is on track. I was welcomed with a perfect song from Tricot Machine that reflect how we all feel about being part of the Division 8 family. Thank you.

    Our book of Nursery Rhymes for Baby Rhea is now published and was offered to Joey today. I have attached a pdf copy for you. nursery rhymes remixed

    Currently, we are working on fractions, yearbook project, 2nd draft of our amazing French story and openness to diversity.

    New photos of Rhea will come by the end of the week.

    Update~Thursday May 16th

    Bisous de Mme Eve sur le Mont-Royal! À mardi mes beaux amis :)

    P.S. Étudiez bien ce soir pour votre longue dictée de demain.

    Update~Saturday May 11th

    A quick note to remind everyone that on Friday there will be a revision of the past three spelling lists. Study well and practice writing sentences, that is the most important.

    Also, we will host for one more time our 7-min play on Thursday May 23rd at 9.15am. Our kindergarten buddies will come and parents are most welcome too.

    Here are the five other songs we discovered. Can you remember which language they are sang in?:

    seq_5 seq_6 seq_7 seq_8 seq_9 seq_10

    I miss you my chickadees :)

    Update~Tuesday May 7th

    Well done everyone on improving your understanding of divisions. Those are important skills for your whole life. You will also be using them when playing with fractions next week!

    Today was truly a special day :D. Thank you to Mme Jessica, Magali & Division 11 and all the parents who were able to come to our 7 min play on such short notice. But guess what? We had so much fun that we are thinking about adding a representation or two on Thursday May 23rd. Pencil it in your agendas if you are interested, it will be confirmed shortly.

    Many thanks to the 16 actors who were very focused during the play and promised to remember their lines for two more weeks. Thank you to our violinists and cellists who acted as photographer (Grace), camerawoman (Gaby), hosts (Theo, Amelia and Miranda), and backstage preparations (Jasper, Skye, Ryden, and Emily); way to step in. This was an heart-warming example of caring collaborative work and I am really proud of all of you.

    All actors would like the spectators to know that the use of accents in the play is intended to represent characters and is not intended to offend.

    The movie is currently not uploading, but here is the picture show. (Of course the pictures are in the wrong order-en désordre…oh la la!).

    There is an assembly on Wednesday and Friday is a Professional development Day. Problème de la semaine and dictée will take place on Thursday.

    *The second draft of our French story is due on Tuesday May the 14th… A new French book poster recommendation will be introduced next week, so parents, encourage your child to begin/continue reading the new French book he/she chose.

    I am looking forward to hearing all the stories about the time students will spend with Mr. Olivier.

    Update~Friday May 3rd

    May brought us new projects and challenges. We discussed diversity, acceptance and tolerance. We are learning to treasure differences and to be non-judgemental. The key is to learn from our mistakes and also take a mindful breath before we act in order to think about our intention.

    Lynda (Kate’s mom) gave us a lot of time this week assisting the class with our yearbook project. Students are interviewing and writing bios of one another. We are very grateful to have such precious professional advice as we embark on this new journey! Students will learn the significance of respecting deadlines.

    The French stories I read so far are very impressive. Most students completed their first draft and received feedback. The second draft will be due within a week or so. Also, most students successfully respected the April 30th publishing date for their French storybird. Ask your child to see all the stories that have been published by division 8!

    Half of the remixed nursery rhymes are ready to be included in Rhea’s book. The other half will surely come soon. Speaking of fractions, they are on the menu for the weeks to come. On Monday, there will be a celebration of divisions (both short and long ones), this will be followed by students learning more about fractions.

    Division 8 students were stars during Thursday’s Big One at Two, they sat and read their books, taking full advantage of this longer silent reading period. I was very proud of them all. A reminder that each student must complete the Comprehension Quiz and fill in two Reading powers after each Roald Dahl book.

    Lastly, the first Activités d’Éveil aux langues took place this week. One was related to a survey of each other about languages in order to build our very own linguistic biography. The second one allowed them to discover songs in other languages. Four of them are here:

    seq_1 seq_2 seq_3 seq_4

    Picture show

    P.S. You are invited to come see our 7 min play called ‘The Strongest One‘ on Tuesday morning at 9.15am. I am unsure whether students are fully ready but they are excited about the production. Nevertheless, they are willing to get up on stage (our classroom carpet!).

    Update~Thursday April 24th

    This week Division 8 welcomed their friends from Henry Hudson French Immersion School. Everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks to Martha and Lynda who came with us.

    Other key points include: working hard on long divisions, the return of the <erreurs/horreurs de la semaine>, completing a first draft of the creative French Story and developing a better understanding of the parts of a story, beginning the Hip Hop classes, playing with words like never before, completing our Nympheas’ collaborative wall, a new art project is on its way, English work on adverbs, rehearsing for the Zuni play and creating costumes, reviewing and deepening our knowledge and understanding of French verbs in the present and passé composé.

    Some hightlights include how well students play ultimate frisbee and capture the flag. Conflicts are not present during those games, only great sportsmanship!  Also, everyone is reading and writing with a frenzy, it is truly inspiring. Lastly, today, Mme Teresa, our grade 6-7 teacher-neighbour told me how my students continue to speak French as they are walking in the hallway on their way to recess. This is truly embracing the French Oral Language. I am very proud of my chickadees!

    Coming up: a majestic bilingual writing project with special guest Lynda Prince.

    Picture show

    Note: The French Story Bird is due on April the 30th. Each student must prepare a modified version of a known nursery rhyme for Baby Rhea. Ask your child which nursery rhyme he/she is working on.

    Update~Thursday April 18th

    Lots of updates can be found on the various pages of our curriculum, have a look when you have some time. Note: the new ‘wiki page‘ allowing students to go directly to the Roald Dahl Lit Circles’ wiki.

    Key points of the week: Jake saw an Enormous Crocodile’s cloud, working with our kindergarten buddies, writing individually in French, playing ultimate frisbee, acting, enhancing our English vocabulary (adjectives), solving long divisions, reviewing times tables, reading and completing reading power tasks on our wiki :) , The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me,  Lemonade War, learning more about our safety and others.

    Picture show

    Next week has an exciting start: Monday is Earth Day and we are going to the Byng pool with our billets. Students can dress in Green for the day and must remember to bring their swimming attire as well as a towel. Our friends from Henry Hudson will arrive at JQ around 12.30. We will all eat our lunches in the classroom in order to be able to welcome them properly.

    Lastly, today, you will receive a letter of consent approved by SFU, VSB and JQ, outlining my research and your option to have your child participate. Thank you.

    Update~Friday April 12th

    This is the link to our wonderful class wiki! We will use it to fulfill our Road Dahl’s lit circles tasks (comprehension questions + 2 Reading Power tasks). We are currently reading the Giraffe and the Pelly and Me together.

    Key points of the week: learning parts of a story, writing stories (digitally and on paper), Rhea’s visit, puppies visit,  stunning 3D totem poles, talking about divisions, celebrating our adding and subtracting skills (decimals), collaborative artwork inspired by Monet’s nympheas, a Zuni-English play, ROALD DAHL, playing badminton, working on our own erreurs/horreurs and explaining them. See what your children can tell you about this week.

    Picture show

    Note: 1) Next week’s spelling is a revision of the previous three weeks (weeks 20, 21 and 22). 2) We are not allowed to upload any more pictures to our blog, so a clever way was found… click on ‘show’, you will see :)

    Update~Saturday April 6th

    Tremendous week! Thank you to Skye who presented her once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Marine Biology Camp in Bamfield.

    On the math front, we are concluding the unit on adding and subtracting decimals. A pre-celebration will take place on Monday followed by a final celebration on Friday. Students worked really hard on Friday on their math skills.

    To conclude Grade 4 on high note, we will place a focus on reviewing our work and noticing our mistakes. Be ready to come by in the coming weeks to see our posters (we are teaching others how to avoid common mistakes).

    Track and Field season begins on Monday at Camosun Park. All participants should be there by 8:00am.

    A heartfelt thank you to Vanessa, Shannon, Ron, Kara, Francesca, and Debbie for the gift of their time and presence in Squamish. This experience would not have been possible without you.

    Please note that pictures from the earliest posts will be taken down because of a lack of digital space :-(

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Update~Thursday April 2nd

    We are back from Squamish where the sun shone for us. All slept and ate, listened and shared, learned and explored. We will keep this experience in our hearts for a very long time.



    Update~Thursday March 26th

    Hourrah, our blog has been repaired! I was worried we would never see it again!

    I will write a better description soon…. but I am taking advantage of the fact the blog in on. I thought you would like to see pictures from our Purple and White day bringing awareness to Epilepsy, Banock making (Thank you Vanessa for helping out), and Ryden’s demonstration. More are coming up soon….

    Update~Thursday March 14th

    We have now completed reading ‘Le capteur de rêves‘ by Michel Noël and are currently enjoying ‘The Lemonade War‘ by Jacqueline Davies.

    Decimals are on the menu: comparison, addition, subtraction, and understanding of their value in the real world. You can visit the mathlibres page on decimals for extra exercise sheets to work on over the holidays or when needed.

    Our last First Nations presentation took place on Monday and was very informative.



    We were able to have A.P. (Activité Physique) outside twice this week, hurrah! As requested kindly, Eagle Eye was played. Can you use your eagle eye and find the hidden one in this picture?


    Motivated to improve our French knowledge and grammar, we transformed the name of our TV show to Les erreurs/horreurs de la semaine. See what was in store this week:


    Students from Mme Ala’s class came in to work in their Squamish Families for the first time. We played a few games and collaborated. Safety rules were repeated, as well as the importance of showcasing respectful behavior at all times. We also listened to two pieces from the Squamish Nations.

    04 Greeting Of The Day  10 Feast Song

    All are very fond of theatre in Division 8, therefore we worked on another short French play (reader’s theatre) called Le coyote et le grizzly. Our French reading and pronunciation improve as we take part in these plays.  Below are a few pictures of rehearsals taken by Mikayla and the Lumières, caméra, action moments (presentations in front of the group).

    IMG_2028 IMG_2025 IMG_2024 IMG_2023 IMG_2018 IMG_2016 IMG_2046 IMG_2044 IMG_2040 IMG_2035 IMG_2034

    Success! Guitar players and singers put verse and chorus together for the very first time and played a Horse with No Name. What a wonderful way to end our formal guitar lessons! We also went down to the Music room early to listen to our friends playing Samba la Bamba as well as their scales… very impressive.

    Thanks to all who came in for Student-led Conferences this week. It is such a pleasure for me to see students proudly introducing their loved ones to their learning environment. Thank you all for the wonderful conversations.

    Lastly, an important decision was made this week. During the third term, we will create a document that will capture our year. Ideas were flowing and voted on. A lot of writing and creating will take place in the third term. Many thanks to Lynda whom Mme Eve will be working alongside in the course of this project. Are you intrigued yet?

    Tomorrow will come and will be fun. Don’t forget to dress in purple and, if you would like to, bring some money to buy a cupcake. All proceeds will go to research for epilepsy.

    Update~Sunday March 10th

    Spring forward!!!! Remember to change your clocks in order to make it respectfully on time for school on Monday.

    This coming Friday (March, , students will be invited to dress in purple for Epilepsy Day and bring in some coins to raise money for research. We want to offer our support to our friend Ella (division 9). The official Epilepsy Day is March 26th, during Spring Break.

    Math in Division 8= focused, individual and/or collaborative work.

    IMG_1966 IMG_1967 IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1973 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1978 IMG_1979

    English : Legends of the Northwest coast impromptu presentations based on Robert James Challenger’s writing. Students are working on the art of acting and narrating. (Thank you Skye and Miranda for lending us your books).

    IMG_1982 IMG_1983 IMG_1985 IMG_1999 IMG_1998 IMG_1997 IMG_1995 IMG_1993 IMG_1988 IMG_1986 IMG_2009 IMG_2006 IMG_2005 IMG_2002

    One last week of hard work and exciting activities before Spring Break.

    Update~Thursday March 7th

    On Thursday mornings, every Division 8 member is a musician! I wish I had a picture of the students playing viola, violin and cello too.

    IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1963 IMG_1964

    In math we are comparing, ordering and now adding decimal numbers. See this chart to support value positioning understanding.


    Storybird, a story-making website, was introduced to students today. They all have an assignment due next Thursday (time will be allowed on Thursday to complete their first book).

    We read another book on stereotypes today. It allowed us to discuss emotions too.


    The new selection of books nominated for the Red Cedar Book Awards are now available at the JQ Library. Visit the Red Cedar website to read more about each of them.

    Update~Wednesday March 6th

    We read another book on stereotypes. Books are a great way to bring in new concepts or to break anchored ones.


    A new class/show was introduced today and it is called: Les erreurs de la semaine. During this class/show, everyone is in a tv studio and Mme Eve, the host, asks the audience to correct recurring Grade 4 grammar mistakes. The goal is to talk about these mistakes and try to prevent them from sneaking back in our oral and written production.


    The family groups for Squamish were released along with the list of items to bring. The key word is WARM. Note that the sleeping bag needs to be a proper one that will keep warm for below 10 degrees Celsius (it will not be that cold, but such a sleeping bag will keep your child warm). Mme Eve and the 6 parents-elders went to Squamish last Sunday to have a taste of what the experience will be like. Thank you to all the parents who gave their Sunday for our class. To summarize: terrific and oh, so safe! If you have any concerns, or questions, do not hesitate; come in and discuss with  Mme Eve. Squamish Supplies List

    More First Nations presentations took place. Students are creative and shared their research question and findings in various ways.

    IMG_1948 IMG_1951 IMG_1939 IMG_1935 IMG_1934

    Baby Rhea came in for a visit today. The last time we saw her she was on her way to China. We were really impressed to see how persistent and calm she is.

    IMG_1946 IMG_1944 IMG_1943 IMG_1942 IMG_1940 IMG_1947

    This afternoon, Terry, Theo, Kate, Gaby, Mikayla and Frances performed for the whole school with the choir. We are very proud of them.


    The first goal setting conferences took place today and students did a brilliant job showing their parents around. It is such a pleasure to see you all of you in our classroom. Thank you!

    Update~GROUP Goal Setting Conferences

    Dear parents,

    Thank you for sign-up for our Group Goal Setting Conferences. The format will be different to the first Conferences we had. Up to four students can be present with parents in each time frame. There will be various stations (goal setting, literacy, math, art, etc) all led by your child. This format will inform you of his/her learning. Please choose the time which is the most convenient for you and your family. Looking forward to seeing you.

    Follow this link.


    Mme Eve

    Update~Thursday February 28th

    This is what was planned to happen this week. There were more First Nations presentations-thank you Skye for taking pictures. I hear that a crockpot made it to school on Thursday… and pictures will follow.

    IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1921

    We discussed bullying, racism, sexism and homophobia this week to be better prepared for Pink Day on Wednesday February 27th. One of the resources we read is available at the JQ Library.


    In maths, students learned how to measure capacity and weight. In technology/socials, they visited a unique website allowing them to get to know more about the Inuit Culture. The weather stations are still active and well under way. On the art side of things, cherry blossoms are now hanging from our poster boards, welcoming spring with arms wide open… who knows, maybe it will come sooner than planned?! Also, 3D totem poles are in the making. The only colors used will be white, red, black, and yellow, to respect the main First Nations colors.

    Lastly, First Nations legends are going to be read in English and interpreted by students on Friday. Thanks to Kara and Skye for sharing their resources with us. Students will also respond to their billets, who had sent them a Valentine’s.

    Voilà! I wish to apologize again for cancelling our meetings. This is such an unusual situation. Not being able to be mobile due to a seized back offers me a new appreciation of having a healthy body. I am hoping to be fully recovered by the weekend and will send another doodle via Vanessa and the blog. Group student-led meetings will allow us all to meet next week.

    Update~Monday February 25th

    This morning, there was an Inuit Artefacts Museum in Room 302. Fascinating technologies. Ask your child what was the most striking to them. Here are a few pictures taken by Mikayla to refresh our memories.

    IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1889 IMG_1892

    In preparation for Friday’s revision spelling test, students found creative ways to practice: playing zap, spelling out loud, writing the words, and creating sentences. Everyone was focused and had fun.

    IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1898 IMG_1897 IMG_1896

    Two major projects were completed today. The first, Medicine Wheels and explanatory paragraphs, are now posted on the classroom poster boards just in time for parent visits. Secondly, students worked with tremendous seriousness to complete their research and presentation on First Nations. Three teams presented their research today.

    IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1909 IMG_1907 IMG_1904

    The three constructive feedbacks of the day: 1) speak to the audience (look at them), 2) share text between speakers, 3) write key words and draw complex concepts on the board to facilitate understanding. Way to go Division 8!

    Update~Friday February 22nd

    This week, we worked with our new little buddies. reading aloud was on the program. We also began exploring capacities (the measure of volumes). We tried to estimate the capacity of various containers and then confirmed/disconfirmed our estimations. Thanks to Jake for taking pictures.

    IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1840 IMG_1842 IMG_1845 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1851 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1857 IMG_1859 IMG_1860

    Everyone completed a descriptive English paragraph about their Medicine Wheel and they are almost ready for their First Nations presentations. This project allowed the students to learn about the verbs in the imparfait tense. The open-ended format of this project will lead us to witness power points, skits, posters and readings about the research questions and findings of each team. Next week will surely be exciting!

    Mme McTavish came in and we talked about sleeping. All students must fill in their Sleep Chart for a week in order to see what their sleeping patterns are. She also read Franklin’s Blanket. We had a discussion about transitional objects and bedtime routines. This will help us to get ready for our Squamish Adventure. IMG_1862

    In science, there were two sessions of hands-on weather stations. During the goal setting conferences, parents will have a chance to see what the stations are all about. Julee came in for her follow-up presentation. This time we explored air and pressure. IMG_1873 IMG_1875 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1869 IMG_1867 IMG_1863

    On Thursday, we visited two new websites to assess our times tables knowledge and ease of use. You can find these sites on the math section of this blog.

    All guitar players are improving their skills tremendously, strengthening their fingers and learning the four notes and steady beat of a Horse with No Name. Soon, all parts of the song will be put together. (The music sheet will be available on the Arts page of this blog).

    Lastly, all students worked hard on their goals on Friday afternoon. Mme Eve was very impressed with the thoughtfulness and seriousness all students showed. Next week is a special week, with early dismissal at 2pm on both Wednesday and Thursday

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Update~Saturday February 16th

    This four-day week was filled with joy and discoveries. We are in the heart of our unit on First Nations people. This week, students explored legends (apache_creationhuron_creation, iroquois_creation, questions_legendes, salish_creation) written by the Salish, the Hurons, the Iroquois and the Apaches. They then transposed their English reading comprehension to reflect in French about their reading. Pretty sophisticated bilingualism at work!

    In the computer lab, students explored the brilliant (and also bilingual) website from the SFU anthropology museum. Well worth a few more visits!

    A Salish Artifact mini-museum came to our classroom on Friday and we had the opportunity to discuss, touch and observe a cedar paddle, hat, and baskets along with a traditionally clothed doll. I hear an Inuit mini-museum is also on its way to room 302.

    In Math, we are almost done with the first part of our money unit. Multiplication and division were used and discussed, so a mini-celebration on times tables will take place to secure students knowledge this coming week. We will then move to using decimal numbers and measuring liquids and learning how to do long division.

    Thursday and Friday welcomed science with arms wide-open. Julee came in to present a few experiments that demonstrated the water cycle and the science behind water. Browse through the pictures and let your child explain to you what took place on each of them. (Angus’ picture is missing since I was also an assistant during this ‘cloud’ experiment!)IMG_1799 IMG_1801 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1805 IMG_1804 IMG_1810 IMG_1815 IMG_1813 IMG_1817 IMG_1819

    The following day, students put their hands and heads to work and began Weather Learning Stations. Individually or in pairs, students had to 1) read the information; 2) understand the task; 3) complete it. Lots of questioning, inferencing and ingenuity.

    IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1826 IMG_1825 IMG_1824 IMG_1827

    It was so intense, that a student had to rest after all his hard work!


    We ended the week with a very clean classroom, even though we had cake while sitting on the carpet. Thanks to our new cleaning crew member:


    Update~Sunday February 10th

    We ended our week with a trip to Honduras sponsored by Gage and Daniel. Thank you both for such an informative and colourful presentation.

    IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1792

    Please note:

    1. Monday is BC’s first Family Day: enjoy this extra day together.
    2. I will be attending the SERT (School Emergency Response Team Training) on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday the 13th, so another teacher will follow my day plan.
    3. Dress in red on Tuesday to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
    4. The sign up on doodle for our student-led Goal Setting Conferences is already open.
    5. Thank you for filling in the important permission forms for our Squamish experience. Please return them as soon as possible along with the $145 check address to JQ. If you were not able to provide the full sum, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Le coup de coeur de Mme Eve: if it is not sunny enough for you today, have a look at this hit taking over France, Morocco and Algeria.

    Khaled, C’est la vie

    Update~Thursday February 7th

    Yesterday we met our friends from Hudson Elementary. Thanks to Lisa, Mike, and Martha who came along. We loved our outing at the Varsity Ridge where we met our billets. We promised to see each other soon enough, at the Byng pool perhaps!

    IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1769 IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1777 IMG_1779 IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782 IMG_1783

    This week we continued working on our First Nations project (writing an informative paragraph based on a research question), we wrote a card for our Kindergarten buddy and wrote three English questions based on two tales. We are currently writing an English explanatory paragraph on our Medicine Wheel.

    There was lots of oral French this week since we decided we would like to do Chaudoudoux every day. It is a lovely way to conclude our day, remembering all that we have enjoyed. Our number of French Superstars is also growing from week to week. A party awaits us in the near future.

    We visited three different websites today: mathadores, brainpop and 1jour1actu.  I invited you all to visit them again with your family (note that they are also in the curriculum link in the appropriate subject field).

    Today I enjoyed observing the students improvising with music. While we were waiting to attend the fantastic Raven Meets the Monkey King play, with three guitars, and a few other instruments: dances and songs (in French!) happened. A beautiful  way to start anyone’s day.

    Oh and we are done with FSAs! Hourrah!

    Update~Wednesday February 6th

    This week, we read many books including : I am Raven, The Monkey King, Frog Girl and La grande fabrique de mots. I believe this was our favourite one.


    Our Emily Carr’s inspired watercolour work was up outside our classroom for a few weeks. Beautiful pieces aren’t they?

    IMG_1757 IMG_1758IMG_1785 IMG_1786

    Update~Saturday February 2nd

    The second month of 2013 has already begun. While sailing through the FSAs this week, we also received prized visitors: Doug came on Tuesday to speak to us about the weather, Annie came on Wednesday to talk about the coming Chinese New Year. Speaking of the weather, we did observations on wind direction twice last week (on the only two days when it didn’t rain) and noticed that winds came from the South-West/East, and the following day, directly from the West.


    Our unit on the weather will continue with various work stations in the classroom.  To be continued…

    With Annie (Amelia’s mom), we learned more about Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake. She explained where the celebration of Chinese New Year and the date came from as well as the link to the Zodiac Animals. She told us the legends behind the White Snake as well as the reason why one shouldn’t count the dumplings eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

    IMG_1727 IMG_1728

    Thank you Annie for the treats and fascinating legends. Amongst other crafts, we are now creating coiled snakes to prepare for Chinese New Year. On the 12th (Tuesday)–since the 10th falls on a Sunday and the 11th is Family Day– we will all try to wear something RED.

    We have begun our unit on money and decimals: so far so good, we are very confident with those concepts. A mini-celebration will happen toward the end of next week. Great news, the first dictée revision with its new 3-week format was a success. Students are improving their overall spelling skills as well as their sentence structure. Way to go Division 8! Not only are we close to having 28 Superstars for the Oral French program, we are also constantly increasing our reading comprehension and written skills.

    Our dyad project on First Nations are underway. Each team is discovering a Nation and is formulating research questions to pursue. Our objective is to write a well structured paragraph explaining our findings (topic sentence and supporting ideas will be present). We aim to dive deeper in order to find treasures (your child can explain to you our diving metaphor). An oral presentation of our research will also take place in a few weeks.

    During our FRIENDS program we talked about working collaboratively and how different emotions are felt by different people given the same event. Thank you to all students for their trust and confidence in sharing their emotions with a small and/or larger group.

    Did you know that our classroom is now a new classroom? We put our heads together and realised that if ‘Deux têtes valent mieux qu’une’ well ‘Vingt-neuf têtes valent certainement mieux qu’une’. So we moved tables, chairs, carpets, bookcases, plants, and more to create new learning corners. We love it! At the end of the day on Friday a team of three keeners stayed after school to make sure our classroom would be especially tidy.

    See who they were:

    IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1737 IMG_1738 IMG_1740


    Bonne fin de semaine!

    Update~Tuesday January 29th

    Today Doug and his talented assistant Maylee presented to us key elements about the weather. We learned about air pressure, the different states of water and how to measure wind (to name a few of the many covered topics). We built anemometers and went outside to test them out. Winds were coming from the South-West and South-East: we predict rain for tomorrow!

    IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1719 IMG_1721 IMG_1723

    Thank you for the fun learning!

    Update~Friday January 25th

    This week we continued learned about First Nations people. We worked on visualization with the listening of ‘Le vol du colibri‘. We finalized our North American map and are in the midst of reading all together claire et son grand-père. In Fine Arts, we are exploring colours and styles used by First Nations artists. We are creating a Medicine wheel in which we draw answers to these questions: Who am I now?; What do I like?; What is my totem (animal-medicine wheel)?; What are the traits of my animal I would like to have?; What are my struggles?. We will soon begin to write a paragraph explaining our artwork.

    We started writing the FSAs on Thursday, all students present were focused and confident. There will hopefully be 3 more completed by the same time next week. This morning we broaden our yoga repertoire by adding warrior one, a gentle mini-cobra and short plank pose to our breathing and tree pose routine.

    Our Math project (Mon horaire rêvé) is well on its way and will be completed by this coming Tuesday. In music, if you consulted our Arts page under Curriculum, you know that we can play various notes on the E and the A strings of our guitars. Our Apology poems are now published. Read them on the Language Arts Page.

    Lastly, we have invited our French Immersion billets from Henry Hudson school to come and go bowling with us on Wednesday February 6th. Thank you Martha, Lisa and Mike who accepted to accompany us.

    Update~Tuesday January 22nd

    Thank you again to all the parents who volunteered for Squamish. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring everyone with us. The parents who will be part of the trip are:

    Vanessa (Emma), Ron (Emily), Debbie (Michael), Francesca (Angus), Shannon (Jake) and Kara (Skye).

    Update~Thursday January 17th

    Today, we had a mini one-instrument orchestra in the classroom! Visit the arts’ page to learn the names of the guitar parts. Mme Eve is very proud of her students for successfully keeping  a  4:4 rhythm and playing four notes in a loop.

    IMG_1691 IMG_1692

    Update~Wednesday January 16th

    No rain, no snow this morning = California Kickball for Division 8. Grace had a go at commentating the game and she was fantastic. Everyone’s skills are constantly improving and so is their understanding of the game.

    Back in class, Jake showed his ‘frozen crocs’, which we watched melt all morning. We measured it and the melted ice came to 1900ml of water. We played around with fractions, cups, multiplications and divisions. Tomorrow, we will observe whether evaporation took its toll on the water.


    We have been exploring totem animals this week. Each student will soon be creating a medicine wheel highlighting his/her strengths and those of their animal. More to come on this topic next week.

    Today Baby Rhea, Joey and Mme McTavish visited us. We were surprised to learn that Rhea already weighs 16 lbs and measures a little over 60cm. She now interacts with us and her giggles make us smile and laugh.

    IMG_1673 IMG_1675

    After a calm work session on our math project about time (Mon horaire rêvé), students were paired up to focus on finding the main idea and key words in a bilingual text. Impromptu oral presentations on what was found concluded our day. Beautiful confidence from all!

    IMG_1679 IMG_1680 IMG_1682 IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1690

    Update~Friday January 11th

    Today we concluded our first week of school in the year 2013. We had a tremendous week, though the last segment – when students came back from P.E. – was overcast. Everyone will benefit from remembering the importance of respect for self, others (students and teachers) as well as our environment (may it be of indoor resources, outdoors or the calm atmosphere of our classroom). Nevertheless, we ended positively,  appreciating our artwork done prior to our visit to the VAG: an in-studio sketching of a selected area of our school ground, inspired by Charles John Collings.

    We also welcomed an amateur Vancouver actress, who happens to be a JQ alumni. The one and only Maggie Coval. She gave students a quick workshop and they were then set to act one of the two First Nations Tales we looked at this week: La petite fille qui a été mangée par un gros poisson and Corneille et Petit Ours.

    IMG_1630 IMG_1633 IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1644 IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1650 IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1660 IMG_1663 IMG_1664


    Skye and Theo will act for us all on Monday.

    Also, we followed through on our December poetry workshop with Rachel Rose and wrote ‘apology’ poems. The first drafts are in. When they are edited and published with authors’ consent, they will be shared.

    Note that after a restful weekend, we will begin our week with a mini-celebration on measuring time, a life-long skill.

    Lastly, thank you to the parents who showed an interest in coming to Squamish with us. Here are a few more points of information to clarify the tasks for parent helpers:

    1. As a volunteer you need to commit for April 3rd early am to April 4th at 3pm (when students are attending). You must also come to an orientation day on March 2nd or 3rd (8:45 to 2:30 pm in Squamish). I would like if all parents could  come on the 3rd, this way we would get to spend some time together prior to our Squamish experience.
    2. While in Squamish with students, each parent is a leader of a ‘family’ of 5 or 6 students. An elder introduces the program but nevertheless, the parent leaders are ‘in charge‘ of their family. I have to float around from one group to another.
    3. An important point to know is that the North Vancouver Outdoor School (NVOS) requires that parent and child be in different groups, allowing both of them to fully participate and create their own experience.
    4. We will all sleep together in the Bighouse (yes, around 35 kids and 7 adults) on a wooden platform, in our sleeping bags, warmed by a fire. We will smell like smoke afterwards.
    5. I will collect volunteers’ names until Tuesday, January 14th and will try to present the final list of parents coming with us as soon as it is administratively possible. A) If you have already written to me about your interest and after reading this you are still interested, no need to say anything. B) If after reading, you would rather pass on this experience, do let me know. I will understand, not a problem. C) If you are now available and interested, now is the chance to raise your pen towards your child’s agenda to let me know!
    6. Please note that as amazing as you all are, I cannot bring you all along. Once again, I would like you to trust me as I go on this adventure with your child.

    One last word: more information will come your way about this outing. I am simply trying to be pro-active since Spring Break will come before we know it and then Easter and then: Squamish!

    Thank you for your continuous support and positive energy, it is a real pleasure working with such wonderful people.

    Update~Thursday January 10th


    Today we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery where we visited the Hope at Dawn Exhibit featuring works from Emily Carr and Charles John Collings. Little did we know, we were going to observe artist in residence Haida Gwaii Chief James Hart. The Chief and his artisans were carving a large piece of cedar called: The Dance Screen (The Scream too). They began their work in 2010 and are expected to be finished in about a year from now. There are truly no words that would do justice to what we saw.

    While we were in the Charles John Collings’ gallery, we sketched.

    IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1599 IMG_1600 IMG_1601 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_1605

    During our workshop, we used our sketches to produce a watercolour version. The real paintings are currently hung on the 3rd floor hallway and in our room (302).

    IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1616

    Thank you to Annie, Kara and Kendra for spending this marvellously sunny day with us. We are missing Kate and Gage very much:(.

    IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1623 IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1628

    Update~Monday January 7th

    It is official, we are off to an amazing year 2013 with motivated and hard working students!

    In Language Arts, we will focus on improving the quality and structure of all of our sentences and paragraphs. This semester we will use both legends and non-fiction documents, allowing us to learn more about First Nations people.

    Concerning our coming field study at the Vancouver Arts Gallery, we would like to thank all the volunteers who offered to come with us. We drew three names today and the parents coming along are: Annie (Amelia), Kara (Skye), and Kendra (Euan). We are looking forward to an early start, meeting in front of the school’s stairs at 8.15 am on Thursday, January 10th. In the meantime, accessing these websites will give you more information about Emily Carr (a second website) and Charles John Collings (a second website).

    Bonjour et bonne année 2013! I would like to thank you for the generous gift certificate you offered me. I now own a much more powerful headlight for my bicycle as well as techy bouldering shoes – thank you! A warm thank you for the delicious home made goodies. Rest assured, I shared my delights with my family.

    Pour commencer l’année en beauté, je vous invite à jeter un coup d’oeil sur ce projet incroyable comprenant plus de 2300 clichés de la ville lumière. Ce tour guidé vous permet de voir Paris et d’obtenir de l’information sur certains de ses monuments les plus majestueux.


    Update~Friday December 21st-Winter solstice!

    Our last two days of school in 2012 were busy. We read with our kindergarten buddies during their pyjama day.

    IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551 IMG_1552 IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1565

    We learned the parts of a sentence and successfully wrote our very own French sentences.

    IMG_1567 IMG_1566

    We had a celebration (thanks to all families who offered great food) and watched the movie Le Petit Nicolas (thank you to Kate and Lynda Prince who not only lent us their movie but also their computer!).

    Lastly, we presented most of our power points on verbs. Discovering different aspects of this program was both intriguing and sometimes frustrating. In the end, we were all happy with our experience and intend to keep using it. Here are two samples of the students’ projects:

    power point verbes-Ben

    Présentation PowerPoint Grace

    We also watched this short extract of a movie on resourceful people who are using landfill waste to create their own instruments. It impressed us.

    Landfill Harmonic Film

    Thank you all for making the first term magnificient. Wishing you a restful and healthy holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all on January 7th!

    Update~Wednesday December 19th

    All that snow! Of course we had an extra special physical activity session outdoors, in the snow!

    IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1542 IMG_1541 IMG_1540 IMG_1539 IMG_1538 IMG_1537 IMG_1536 IMG_1535 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1532 IMG_1531 IMG_1530 IMG_1529 IMG_1528 IMG_1527

    We had a successful day during which we continued to improve our time measuring skills, we wrote cards, completed seasonal crafts and learned more about ‘planning’ when you have a baby (Roots of Empathy).

    Two more days to go until the winter holidays.

    Update~Tuesday December 18th

    Today we had the immense pleasure to welcome the poet Rachel Rose in our class (she is also one of Gaby’s moms). She read one of her own poems and encouraged us to use metaphors and appositives.  Thank you for the inspiring visit.

    IMG_1525 IMG_1526

    Update~Monday December 17th

    This morning we braved the brisk wind and skipped rope. Then, we made our very own clocks in order to help us locate hours and minutes on the clock. Serious work and creativity were present.

    IMG_1518 IMG_1517 IMG_1516 IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1521 IMG_1520 IMG_1519 IMG_1515 IMG_1514 IMG_1512

    We also practiced conjugating verbs via acting. A very talented class we have.

    Important notice: Tomorrow is our last library exchange of the year. All students must bring in their late books if they wish to borrow any books during the holidays.

    Update~Thursday December 13th…. reporting on Wednesday December 12th

    What a successful eventful day we had! First off, the post brought in cards from our billets. So we worked hard and succeeded in ALL writing a first draft. The ultimate goal: complete our cards and post them by Friday so our friends receive them prior to the holidays.

    Then after break we dressed warmly and headed towards the forest. Students voted and the majority of them opted for the woods, where there were supposed to be many many geocaches… and indeed there were! Not one, not two but four were found by your favourite geocache explorers! What fun we had. Another great adventure in Julee’s company.

    P1130159 P1130160 P1130162 P1130163 P1130164 P1130166 P1130167 P1130168 P1130171 P1130172 P1130173 P1130174 P1130180 P1130181 P1130182 P1130183 P1130185

    Fun fact: as I was tidying the classroom after our return, a smiling lady ‘barged’ in and said: Were you geocaching this afternoon? You found my cache! I am so thrilled!!!! Imagine that, we found the geocache hidden by a Byng teacher. The world is large but oh so very small.

    Lastly, before Mme Eve’s cold prevented her from standing upright, she accompanied 6 grade 7 students to serve the Turkey Dinner to Kiwassa Neighbourhood House’s guests. Over 80 family members were cheerfully fed last night and many were able to bring some leftovers home. The rest of the food will be served this week during Kiwassa’s regular hours. Well done Division 8 for your leadership in encouraging JQ to raise so many turkey dollars.

    Update~Tuesday December 11th

    Today, even though it was our crazy-hair day reward for French spoken in class, we continued to do quality work.

    P1130148 P1130147

    Lots of beautiful wintery art projects were elaborated today.

    P1130149 P1130151 P1130152 P1130153 P1130154 P1130156 P1130157 P1130158

    Update~Monday December 10th

    In Division 8, we use various methods to study our spelling words. This week for instance, not only did we write inspired sentences in French and English, we then prepared mini-skits to present them. We are reviewing all words learnt from weeks 7-12.

    IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1486 <img class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-1467″ src=”

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